HubSpot: HubSpot Product Update: July 2018


HubSpot Product Update: July 2018

By Lucille Moreton August 21, 2018 • 4 minutes to read

The latest product updates from HubSpot have been announced! With the release of the much-anticipated Service Hub and new academy courses, this update is exciting news for any HubSpot customers and anyone looking into using HubSpot. 

Meetings app update

The HubSpot meetings app has been an indispensible feature since its release, allowing leads and clients to schedule meetings in standard time slots. The latest update allows users to create custom availability in their calendar for specific date ranges.

Available for: Sales Hub Starter and Sales Hub Professional Users


Form Folder Organisation

Get organised! You can now keep your forms int specific folders. Whether you organise your forms by campaign, persona, or asset, it’s easier than ever to keep your forms tidy and organised using the folder system.

Available for: All HubSpot Users

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Service Hub

One of the most anticipated releases from HubSpot, the Service Hub makes delighting your customers even easier. The new software comes with a customer experience survey template, and the ability to send transactional mails to be sent after specific events have taken place. The service hub allows for a ticketing system, which keeps your customer enquiries in order, and ensures that smooth service is delivered for each and every ticket.

Available for: HubSpot Service Hub Users


Academy learning updates

The HubSpot Academy has been updated with even more brilliant courses. The Social Media certification, put together by experts in the Social Media landscape is a must for anyone in marketing. The New Business writing course, put together with Daniel Pink, is geared toward those needing advanced skills in writing for business.

Available for: All HubSpot Users


Marketing Hub Starter

This new product allows companies to engage with their prospects and convert leads at just $50 a month. It’s a great option for smaller companies just starting out with HubSpot.

Available for: HubSpot Marketing Hub Users


New Tracking URL builder

The tracking URL tool has been given a fresh look and feel. Updates to the dashboard mean that you can also view your UTM source and campaign from the dashboard itself.

Available for: All HubSpot Users


In-app notifications

Notifications can now be sent through workflows, which makes keeping track of leads an easier task. This update notifies sales members of lead activity directly in the app, which means they don’t need to check their email for any updates.

Available for: All HubSpot Users


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