How to Pre-Qualify Leads From Your Adwords Campaigns

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Businesses do not only seek quality leads, they are looking for hundreds if not thousands of ‘qualified’ leads, and so the job of a Certified Google Adwords Professional is to balance the quality and volume of Leads.

Fortunately there are various tools and resources to pre-qualify clicks and transform them into more qualified business leads. The majority of these tools are methods implementerd to gain more control on your Google Adwords Campaigns.

Making use of device-targeted campaigns, tightly themed ad groups, network-targeted campaigns, geo-targeted campaigns and varying keyword match types allow the larger campaign to bid differently across multiple attributes for the same keywords, have control on the landing pages, and generally enhance the overall conversion-path experience.


3 Techniques to Enhance Google Adwords Pre-qualifed Leads

  1. Use Relevant and Targeted Ad Copy – Reach potential customers by using ad copy that qualifies clicks and converts them into pre-qualified leads. Note: Deceiving ads will only get many clicks and a high quality score but will result in fewer qualified leads.
  2. Prevent Un-qualified Leads By Implementing Negative Keywords - A negative keyword is used to prevent your ads from showing for irrelevant search queries. This eliminates irrelevant clicks, impressions and results in a much higher quality scores, high conversion rates, low CPC and ensures reach to a more qualified audience.
  3. Use Landing Pages to Pre-Qualify Leads – Appropriate use of landing pages is the best way to pre-qualify a lead. The practitioner must be careful because once a prospect arrives at the landing page, the money has already spent money on the click. The landing page experience has to be good in order to establish a conversion.

By implementing the above 3 techniques to pre-qualifying leads from Google Adwords Campaigns, the practitioner will not only generate massive and targeted leads for their business or client but will also improve the overall quality of the Google Adwords Campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and implement these 3 Google Adwords Techniques and start generating pre-qualified leads for your today! If you would like to hire MO Agency (a Certified Google Partner) to do the job for you, then go right ahead and give us a call.

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