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Business Process Optimisation

How to Create an Automated Customer Journey for a Great Customer Experience
When it comes to both B2B or B2C marketing, one thing is certain - the customer experience lies right at the heart of ...

Business Process Optimisation

Customer Engagement: What it means in the Digital Era
Customer engagement is one of those terms you hear a lot that everyone knows is important. Still, most people can't ...

Business Process Optimisation

A Step-by-step Approach to Mapping your Customer Journey
Understanding the customer experience is the key to refining your sales practices. It's important to have a sense of ...

Business Process Optimisation

5 Ways you can Improve your B2B Customer Engagement
Marketing trends are constantly changing but customer engagement is one of the aspects that remains constant. There's ...

Business Process Optimisation

5 Ways to Increase the Customer Experience at your Company
Companies that lead in customer experience outperform those that don't by 80 per cent. An improved customer experience ...

Business Process Optimisation

Guide to Successful Remote Working for your Business in South Africa
Remote working is changing the way we think about the workplace. You no longer have to 'go to the office' to get work ...
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