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Web Development

Web design and development: Designing a process that works
A great web design and development process enables the final website output to be aligned with the goals of the ...

Web Development

Why is my Google Page Speed so slow?
Setting the website optimisation stage We recently launched a new 1,400 page website for one of Africa’s largest law ...

Web Development

5 Tips to improve the UI of your WordPress website
We promise you that if you do - your website will be engaged more by your users; and that engagement will lead to ...

Web Development

How much does a WordPress website cost?
Pressed for time? Download this guide as an ebook. How much does a WordPress website cost?

Web Development

3 things to look for when hiring a web developer for your team
1. A good web developer is a problem solver

Web Development

Growth Driven Design and How It Can Improve Your Next Website Redesign
What is growth driven design? Traditionally, a website passed from design to development, to testing and then finally ...
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