Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is all about giving salespeople in your organisation what they need in order to do their jobs more effectively. This includes quality leads, strong sales content, clearly defined sales processes, and easy to use sales technologies.

In order to reach out to leads, engage interested prospects and close customers, your sales team needs the support of the marketing team. Creating a true sales-enabled environment may require resources outside of the scope of your marketing department which is why we, at MO Agency, offer you the extra support you need to grow your businesses.

Why sales enablement?

Sales enablement, at its essence, should simplify the sales function and assist to increase business revenue and profit. One of the most effective ways of increasing turnover is by considering the lifetime value of each customer. A good sales enablement strategy identifies opportunities to cross-sell and upsell customers with clearly defined and positioned, products and services that meet their growing requirements. We can assist in developing sales collateral and systems that empowers sales professionals to sell more effectively.

Sales enablement in a nutshell:

  • Standardised reporting – Logged activities (meetings, calls, emails, etc.), deals won and lost, revenue per customer, etc.
  • Strong transparent sales process – A documented, in-depth, repeatable and proven sales process, easily accessible to the sales team.
  • Qualified leads – leads nurtured with a strong message and content that are ready to convert.
  • Organised sales content - case studies, competitive intelligence briefs and product demo decks.
  • Technology and automation – automated email communication, website re-visit notifications, lead scoring.

At MO Agency, we have a team of strategists skilled in sales enablement to help you synergise your marketing and sales efforts. Let MO Agency help develop a sales enablement strategy to supercharge your revenue.

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