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LRMG Platform Excellence

Marketing Automation

LRMG is a leader in talent technology and talent advisory. The business focuses on developing high-performance habits through the help of software and technology. LRMG has worked with high-profile clients such as Nedbank, Old Mutual, Discovery, and more.

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The brief

LRMG were purely using SAM Box — a custom CRM software moulded around their business. The main concern was that the company’s marketing efforts did not align with their sales department. They also used multiple different systems that did not communicate with one another, resulting in a lack of holistic reporting and a lack of in-depth metrics to further improve marketing and sales efforts and pursue high quality leads.

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The challenge

The challenge at LRMG was complex because multiple teams were using different systems that were not connected to each other. None of these systems was aligned across the entire company which led to inconsistent and dirty data that could not be properly processed. Thus, there was no holistic view of the marketing and sales performance.

The company was using a custom CRM system known as SAM Box. Therefore, their data needed to be cleaned in order to be usable and yield the desired results. The data was not easily accessible from the custom CRM, meaning we had to use multiple spreadsheets with different formulas to get the data as clean as possible. LRMG still wanted to keep using their custom CRM system, meaning we would have to look at a complex custom integration between HubSpot and SAM Box. The goal was to start bringing the internal team together to start utilising one singular system.

Ultimately, these challenges affected their business in a dramatic way. Having multiple systems that were not connected resulted in inefficient marketing efforts and poor leads, and thus overall inefficiency in their sales processes.

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Primary goals 

  • Establish marketing and sales communication to enable marketing ROI reporting.
  • Introduce marketing automation and consolidate all of their marketing systems into HubSpot Marketing Hub.
  • Introduce Sales Professional into their HubSpot stack.
  • Technical consulting to integrate their custom CRM into HubSpot.
  • Automated marketing to sales handover for better efficiency.
  • Introduction of sales automation.

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The solution 

MO Agency had three primary solutions for LRMG. The first was to link their marketing tech stack into HubSpot Marketing. We also aimed to connect their custom CRM to HubSpot using HubSpot's Private Applications API. In addition, we would introduce Sales Hub to their HubSpot tech stack to streamline their Marketing to Sales processes and link them together.

First, we needed to understand their current marketing and sales set up and processes. We looked into their systems to understand the procedure from acquiring the lead right through to closing the deal.

Furthermore, we needed to understand their current CRM system — SAM Box. This system would need to be integrated with HubSpot to allow the systems to work together interconnectedly.

We combined all of their marketing efforts and added them to HubSpot. All of the data, with their required properties from their CRM system needed to be imported into HubSpot. This process needed to be mapped, and we documented all of the properties before starting development.

We used HubSpot Marketing in several different forms including landing pages, social media calendars, social analytics (to display ROI), pipelines, and workflows.

As a result of our solution, marketing efforts now show attribution and ROI in relation to sales — allowing for better data-driven decision making. Data flows seamlessly between two systems (HubSpot and SAM Box) allowing them to communicate with one another. In addition, there is now a streamlined and automated sales process. The data flowing through HubSpot not only provides us with a global view of marketing efforts but also allows us to make data-led decisions with our sales process.

The results

LRMG didn't have HubSpot support, so didn't have metrics to work with

  • 2 293 contacts created in the last 90 days.
  • 325 new deals in the last 90 days.
  • 63 campaigns run in the last 90 days.
  • 843 106 emails sent in the last 90 days.
  • Showcase the in-depth reports and results from HubSpot.

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Our impact

We achieved three main solutions after working with LRMG. We provided the company with the ability to track marketing ROI. We created a place to keep all marketing assets. Finally, we automated and streamlined the sales process so that the company could pursue higher quality leads.

Collect and present a client testimonial on the direct impact our work had on the challenges highlighted, feel free to nudge them in the right direction.

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