MO launches Mazda South Africa's website launches on HubSpot Content Hub

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MO Agency

Mazda South Africa is on a drive to simplify its tech stack, and the introduction of HubSpot CRM to improve management and communications with both leads and customers was a major step towards this goal.

Furthering this initiative was migrating their legacy WordPress website to HubSpot Content Hub. Removing WordPress was one less technology in the tech stack, and it also provided a more secure and personalised experience for Mazda customers. 

Small updates were made to the website in the migration, however, to the untrained eye - it is the same website design. A direct migration like this is a relatively quick task.

Mazda marketing and service leadership and the incumbent digital agency provided incredible support to get the job done, and the website was launched smoothly.

From our side at MO Agency, it was a wonderful experience working in such a collaborative environment. 

Below, we share some shots of the live website. The website can also be viewed here:

Home Page



HubSpot's built in popup 'Call to Action' banners.



360° view and colour selection across models in HubSpot. A first for MO Agency with HubSpot Content Hub. 



Test drive pages utilise HubSpot's excellent landing page technology.



Fully mobile-optimised, below is the vehicle menu on a mobile device. 



HubSpot's built-in chatbot technology is used to launch multiple journeys on the website. 



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