Using HubSpot Sales Tools to Convert Leads into Revenue

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Beanca van Niekerk

Probably the biggest challenge for a salesperson is hitting the monthly targets. When you are faced with an unstable financial year for the majority of the business sectors - the thought of selling marketing services to companies who are going through major budget cuts & even retrenchments seems impossible.

With the right tools and planning in place, you won't just hit your numbers, but exceed them.

''As Head of Business Development - its critical to maintain the relationships I have built with customers to try and nurture them to create a long lasting partnership. However, that means I often find that I have taken my eye off the key sales elements like: Building pipeline, nurture open opportunities & closing deals to hit sales targets"

When this happens, we often go back to cold calling sales strategy.  If you are fortunate enough to have the right Sales Tools in place, getting back on track should not cost you hitting your targets. 

Here is how I closed 2 deals & generated R140,500.00 in sales:


Step by Step: Build a basic marketing campaign &  closed deals using HubSpot Sales Tools

Step 1. Create Content

Identified what challenges my potential customers were facing, and created a content asset: “How to fill your you sales pipeline in the South African Technology Space”

Beanca blog article  (11)

Step 2. Target the right persona's

Created a Linkedin Inmail Campaign, targeting at Technology companies - aimed at the Sales Manager/Director within the organisation.

Beanca blog article  (1)

Beanca blog article  (2)

Step 3. Create Sales Templates

Setup Sales Template emails in HubSpot to immediately engage a lead once they enter your CRM. This will add a personalised feel to your engagement with the prospect.


"Your Sales Template creates more value when you include the following:
  1. Touch on the content they just read about in the asset.
  2. Make it about them: What challenges are they facing, and how are they currently solving some of these issues 
  3. Meeting Link: Avoid friction, give them the opportunity to book a meeting directly into your diary 
  4. Provide related content - add a case study or another piece of content you know would add value to solving their challenges"

Sales Email Template The Results:

1. Created 118 new leads in HubSpot CRM.Beanca blog article  (8)

2. Generated R140,500 revenue in closed deals,

Beanca blog article  (10)

If you want to build a basic marketing campaign or enable sales tools to convert your leads Click to Book a Call.

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