How we think about

Digital Marketing Strategy

Why do you need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

More traffic. More leads. More sales. Achieve your business goals.

No question about it, the modern marketing landscape is digital. Your customers are online, and you need to reach them there. If you don’t you will fall behind. 

Why do people start thinking about their digital marketing strategy?

Have you been in business for years, but you’re now finding yourself behind the curve. Are you slowly slipping behind some of your new competitors?

Do you feel like you are always a step behind on your digital marketing? Are you not sure where to start?

What if I told you there were a set of basics you need in place and that the rest of it is mostly fluff you can ignore. What if I told you that it was relatively easy to put these basics in place?

As a company, we do this for our clients. And below we want to share an easy to follow no-frills approach to creating a winning digital marketing strategy. 

Start with your businesses goals

A great digital marketing strategy needs to address your actual business goals. Unfortunately, digital is often done just for the sake of it. Why? Because you need a digital marketing strategy, of course.

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? If so, what kind of traffic? Will more traffic align with your business goals? More traffic doesn't always lead to more sales.

Do you want to generate high-quality leads from your website? Great, how many do you need to hit the company sales targets? What about search engine rankings, social media and email marketing? Do you need to consider these as well?

A digital marketing strategy is a plan of action to achieve a set of desired goals. Depending on the size of your business and the number of moving parts, a great digital strategy will help you stay focused on your goals and make them achievable.

Our approach to digital marketing strategy

With years of experience at MO Agency, we approach digital strategy as follows:

The process starts with a digital marketing audit of the current website and all marketing efforts (online and offline). We then review the business and marketing goals. Are they aligned?

We talk to the management, sales and marketing teams independently, and usually, the management and sales teams are more goal aligned.

The marketing team is often the least aligned with the business. And this is often a cause for failed digital marketing strategies. 

We then evaluate the overall marketing strategy, conduct a competitor analysis and analyse the website’s usability, structure and messaging. Using our findings, we will recommend a plan to address gaps and leverage low hanging opportunities to improve your digital marketing performance immediately.

Focus on quick wins first

Quick wins are crucial for us; it gets buy-in from our clients and give us more scope to dive deeper into the digital marketing strategy for the business. 

Quick wins are always achievable, but good results take consistent strategic work and a 12 - 18 month timeline. 


Lastly, benchmarking of current and desired digital marketing performance is critical. Benchmarking allows us to record the starting point, measure what worked and didn’t, and show our gaps. In addition, periodic strategy reviews concerning your digital marketing strategy benchmarks are critical to success.

Our main digital marketing strategy goal

Our goal with these projects is to establish a measurable and achievable digital marketing strategy. To attract the right audience and engage prospects with targeted messaging. A holistic, achievable and goal-driven digital marketing strategy helps our clients retain and delight their existing customers and attract and convert new ones.

Measurable and achievable

If you keep your digital marketing strategy measurable and achievable and follow these guidelines, you will retain and delight your customers. You’ll also attract and convert new customers well suited to your business. 

Let's get started

Below is a non-exhaustive, but a good starting point to start building your digital marketing strategy document:

Practical pointers to kick things off:

  • Define your SMART goals (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time-based).
  • Identify the ideal digital channels your target audience are using.
  • Develop and refine your customer journey including both online and offline. (Eg. Sales outreach and website leads)
    Create a digital marketing strategy document. It must include a plan to: 
    • reach engage and convert prospective customers; and
    • up-sell, cross-sell and retain your existing customers.

Make sure your digital marketing strategy includes a few of the strategies below:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Analysis of your current website’s usability, structure and messaging.
  • Analysis and creation of your company’s target personas
  • Lead generation and inbound marketing insights
  • Lead nurturing strategy
  • Customer communications
  • Social Media audit/optimisation
  • Email marketing audit/optimisation
  • Content audit / optimisation / creation
  • Google Ads and Social Media paid advertising strategy
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Reporting and benchmarketing (Google Analytics is a good start)
  • Marketing automation
  • CRM implementation
  • CI / Brand alignment and design



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