Logo Design and Development

Think of the golden arches of McDonald’s, Apple’s apple. Great brands begin with a strong logo.

Logo design and development is a part of the corporate identity work that we do for our clients, but we also offer it as a standalone service.

Our process

First, we work with your business to develop your brand strategy, the roadmap of how you plan to meet your brand goals. In this process, we distil your brand personality and focus on understanding your vision, direction and objectives over the next few years. We then research your competitors and get a comprehensive understanding of the gaps in your industry, in order to understand what is missing, ultimately your advantage in the market and what will set you apart in the industry.

Our creative process then identifies the best typeface and colour palette for your brand and presents you with options for you to determine what resonates the most with your business' identity.

We then hone the selected options further to a point where we are working with a single option and we then fine-tune your logo to perfection.

A great logo is:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Appropriate


Read our article on good logo design to get some more insight.


View our pricing

Our pricing for strategic and support work is based on a credit system, which means you’ll never be asking your agency again. Only pay for deliverables and not the time it takes us to deliver them.