Responsive Web Design

Desktop, Mobile, Tablet. Desktop, Mobile, Tablet. Desktop… Your users are accessing your site on multiple devices. At MO all our websites are responsive consistently delivering the same great experience no matter the device.'

A responsive website is a site that delivers a great experience to your users irrespective of the type or brand of device they are using. Your site will expand and contract, perfectly fitting into the screen of your user. Google tells us that in some industries the majority of traffic is now coming from mobile devices, so you need to have a responsive website.

But this consider this… Your website needs to be 100% responsive across all devices. The trend we often see is that a site looks great on desktop, but only ‘OK’ on a mobile phone, and then terrible on a tablet. MO was an early adopter of responsive website design, and our extensive experience designing and developing websites for all mobile devices ensures your site will consistently look great across the desktop and mobile device spectrum.

Importantly Google loves fully responsive websites. In an effort to bring the best experience possible to their users Google makes sure the websites that rank at the top of their search engine results are always responsive. If you‘re not responsive, you won’t rank well. Your competitors’ responsive site will rank higher than your ‘desktop only site’, even if your SEO is better, and your cost per click will be higher on Google AdWords as well.

Make your content accessible.  Engage your entire audience. Everywhere.

  • Engage users across all devices
  • Higher Google rankings
  • Higher conversion rates

Cost effective and easy to manage


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