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We build effective, results-driven websites. We are specialists in HubSpot CMS, WordPress & Shopify.

With a laser focus on three core technologies, we are experts in the field. Whether you are:

  • Updating your WordPress website
  • Migrating from WordPress to HubSpot CMS
  • Integrating Shopify into your sales process

Do you ask yourself?

  • Why does my website not generate quality leads?
  • Why do I rank so poorly on Google?
  • Can I update my current site, or do I need to start over?

"These are great questions, and they all have easy answers. You just need the right person to look at the data."

Would you like to?

Have a website that:

  • Is easy to update.
  • Generates good quality leads.
  • Sells on autopilot.

"At MO Agency, we have a formula that works. And we love sharing it."

Luke Marthinusen - CEO, MO Agency

Why build a website with MO Agency?

We’ve been building websites for the last 10 years. Everything we do is data-driven and aesthetically pleasing. We combine Inbound methodologies and flexible web design processes to create highly effective websites.

We've engineered our agency processes to remove all the usual website build frustrations. We launch quickly. We build with your brand guidelines in mind. We build for results.

Our standard web design process

10 years of web design and development experience and 100's of website projects mean an effortless process for our clients.

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Need to launch fast? Let's get Agile

Our standard web design process works, by following a strict project management process called Waterfall. Waterfall is a linear process that requires the completion of one stage to move on to the next. 

If you need to launch fast, you should consider our Agile process called Growth-Driven Design (GDD). Taken from software development companies like Microsoft and Google, Agile aims to get projects live and then listen to user feedback to improve the project on the fly in regular improvement cycles. 

As the diagram below shows, the results are much stronger over time, and the initial Launchpad goes live far quicker, but GDD does take regular monthly focus over a longer period of time





Standard Web Design vs. Agile

Standard Web Design (Waterfall)

€6,000 - €50,000

(Can go out-of-scope, over-budget, late)

Final website launched:
4- 8 months

Design is driven by: Hypothesis based on historical performance data

Redesign every
2 years

(Decreasing rate-of-return over time)

Growth-Driven Design (Agile)

€1,000 - €4,000 monthly

(Agile, on-time & on-budget)

Launchpad website launched:
45 - 60 days

Design is driven by: Current performance data

Continuous monthly improvement

(Increasing rate-of-return over time)

The Agile methodology has three major stages

Your website strategy

Identify your websites major goals. Prioritise them. Identify the top 20% to include in your LaunchPad.

The launch pad
The Launchpad website

Quickly build a website that looks and performs better than what you have today. This is not a final website. 

Continuous Improvement
Continuous improvement

Start collecting user data from the live Launchpad. Use the data to optimise and build in new elements from your priority list. Repeat regularly.

All our website projects include

  • Designed for mobile
  • Mobile responsive
  • Interactive design prototypes
  • Technical SEO health audits
  • Page speed optimisation
  • CRM integration
  • Quality assurance testing

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