Case study

Werksmans Attorneys

Rebranding | Corporate Identity

Client & Project Background

In 2017 Werksmans Attorneys turned 100 years old, and to celebrate this enormous milestone, Werksmans asked MO to redesign their logo and corporate identity for use during 2017.

Our Solution & Strategy

The aim was to design a logo that works well in all platforms and also stays true to the Werksmans brand and corporate identity. In order to achieve this, we focused on creating subtle elements that did not detract anything from the original branding, but highlighted that 2017 is Werksmans’ centenary year. Lastly, the branding had to be applicable to both printed and digital media.


The Werksmans centenary corporate identity was designed by combining a rich, celebratory colour palette, with elements that subtly introduced the 100-year celebration. As the key visual, an image of an air balloon taking flight was used that represented the firm reaching new heights.

Werksmans CI@2x.png

The gold and royal blue colours were used to build up the centenary look and feel and create a classic look that featured modern design elements. Lastly, the 100 was added behind the Werksmans icon and balanced in such a way that the two became a symbol that could be used as a standalone logo mark.

Werksmans Design@2x.png

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