Inbound Marketing: How to choose a Hubspot Partner in South Africa

Inbound Marketing

How to choose a Hubspot Partner in South Africa

By Luke Marthinusen March 15, 2017 • 7 minutes to read


There is no doubt that online marketing is in a constant state of flux. Early Internet marketing was defined by ‘presence’. Having an online presence (website) was all that was required to drive business.


After this period of presence, we moved into the period of ‘discovery’. The period of discovery was defined by a scramble to get found online and was primarily focused on ranking high up in search. We have just passed through this period and are now firmly in the age of ‘utility’.

The period of utility is defined by the production of content that is perceived as high value and/or useful to the consumer. The process of inbound marketing seeks to create such content, thereby enticing the consumer to purchase goods or services when they are most ready and receptive.

Anyone that has looked at the data over the last few years knows that inbound marketing and sales are fast becoming the future of business growth online. Traditional online marketing methods defined in the period of discovery are faced with the reality of diminishing returns.

But the reality of creating and executing an inbound marketing strategy with strong utility for the consumer requires many varied and well-coordinated inputs to be successful.

Creating and leveraging content, email, lead generation, reporting and data analytics takes all kinds of specialist knowledge. It can be tricky to know what, where and when to focus your attention in order to achieve your goals. An experienced Hubspot Partner is your fast track to inbound marketing success.

What is a Hubspot Partner?

A HubSpot Partner is a company that has entered into an agreement with HubSpot to resell their marketing automation software. They typically have experience with many implementations of HubSpot software and as a result, are able to deliver effectively on the promise of HubSpot software.

Why should you consider working with a HubSpot Partner Agency?

So often we come across businesses that have been using HubSpot for a while, but are not using the full capabilities of the software or have bitten off more than they can chew. Working with a Certified HubSpot Partner, you are guaranteed to be up and running much faster, and with a proven inbound marketing strategy tailored to your business.

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Agencies like MO Agency manage multiple instances of Hubspot across many different industries. This allows us to learn the ins and outs of the software far quicker than any business implementing and administrating their own instance of HubSpot could.

In many cases, businesses want to get more from the software but just need a helping hand. By engaging a HubSpot Partner, they keep full control of the software, but get the help to apply tweaks and methodologies that come with experience and sometimes hard learnt lessons.

We often find that when a business works alongside a HubSpot Partner, they get better results. When we hold you accountable to the strategy we set out together, the end result is that you get better results. It's that simple. Everyone works better in a team!

Not all HubSpot Partners are equal

You want to be working with a Certified HubSpot Partner. Not all partners are certified. Certification is a process that takes monetary investment, time, and significant commitment from the agency to achieve. Most importantly to be certified the agency must be running their own instance of the HubSpot software.

Some partners primarily sell other software solutions like SalesForce but happen to resell HubSpot as an add-on to other services they are selling. They are more like opportunists when it comes to Hubspot.

Another partner type is the traditional PR agency or web design agency that sells HubSpot on the side to add an additional revenue stream.

There are also resellers that may be offering multiple marketing automation platforms, such as Marketo and Infusionsoft, and provide many options beyond just marketing automation solutions to gain as much business as possible. These organisations are typically very sales driven, they are not specialists and potentially only have their bottom line at heart.

And finally, there are Certified HubSpot Partner Agencies, like MO Agency. Certified HubSpot Partner Agencies come in many different sizes and different specialities. But in most cases, these partner agencies focus solely on HubSpot and Inbound Marketing services.

Typical services a Certified Hubspot Partner may offer:

Each HubSpot Partner is unique in the services they provide. Aligning with the HubSpot software, they create different packages to help achieve business goals. Below is a list of the most common services provided by Certified HubSpot Partners. Some Partners may offer them all, and some only a handful. There is no correct combination and every partner will have their own methodology. The services are categorised by their position in the buyer’s journey.

Attracting Traffic

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Keyword Strategy


Buyer Persona Development


Social Publishing

Social Ad Management

Website Design

Converting Leads

Content Creation

Campaign Management

Conversion Path Building

Social Listening (Prospects)

Closing Customers

Email Marketing

Lead Nurturing

Process Automation

Social Inbox Management

Database Management & Segmentation

CRM Implementation

Integration Management

Systems Integration


Who are the certified Hubspot partners in South Africa?

  • MO Agency, located in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, and the writers of this blog post.
  • Spitfire Inbound, located in Bramley, Johannesburg, and hosts of the Johannesburg HUG (HubSpot User Group).
  • MPULL, located in Cape Town, a HubSpot agency primarily focused on assisting marketing agencies.

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