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Data Privacy for Email Nurturing & Automation

Luke Marthinusen | March 5 2023

On 23 Feb 2023, we hosted a webinar that was attended by over 200 professionals.

Although we knew the subject of data privacy and communication automation would be an interesting one; we weren't expecting quite such a positive reception.  


Webinar Topic: 

Data Privacy for Email Nurturing & Automation: How to remain POPIA compliant while using tools to automate and market at scale

What we covered in this session:

  • Data Privacy and POPIA for email marketers.
  • What is legitimate interest?
  • Types of automation to increase your reach.
  • Who can be enrolled in email nurtures and automation?
  • Checkboxes and consent on your contact and registration forms.
  • Customer lifecycle stages and email nurturing.
  • Practical how-to’s covering: Popular platforms like WordPress, MailChimp, HubSpot and Pipedrive.


Webinar recording




Webinar slides


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