HubSpot Content Hub: Exploring Updates in AI Content Creation & CRM

Written by
Luke Marthinusen

Below is the recording of our recent webinar on Content Hub. Rather than just detail the features of HubSpot content Hub we took a unique direction in this webinar by covering how HubSpot is using AI to scale content and reach

HubSpot has integrated AI content creation and AI content repurposing directly into their website Content Management System (HubSpot Content Hub) and marketing suite (HubSpot Marketing Hub).

In the below webinar recording, we'll show you how you can create, schedule, and scale quality content, reduce mundane tasks, and manage multiple marketing channels.


Key Takeaways

  • Simplify and accelerate content management with HubSpot’s new AI tools & features.
  • How one integrated CRM, marketing, and website CMS can manage & improve your reach.
  • Why HubSpot Content Hub vs. other website CMS platforms?
  • Interesting ways AI is enriching your HubSpot CRM data.




Websites in South Africa that we've built and are running on HubSpot Content Hub.


Mazda South Africa

  • Over 500k customers
  • B2C




  • 4,500 employees
  • B2B



Netstar Vehicle Tracking

  • 1,8 million customers
  • B2C & B2B




  • Over 1 million customers
  • B2C





Parting thoughts

HubSpot Content Hub revolutionises content creation with AI-powered tools, enabling marketers to effortlessly manage and personalise content across various channels.

By leveraging these advanced features, you can enhance your marketing strategy, engage your audience effectively, and drive better results. Embrace the future of content marketing with HubSpot Content Hub.


If you're thinking about migrating to HubSpot Content Hub - give us a shout. We'd be happy to outline a project for you.




In case you're not familiar with HubSpot Content Hub,. I've included a summary of its features below:

What is HubSpot Content Hub?

Explore how HubSpot Content Hub helps marketers create and manage content across multiple channels efficiently.

  • AI-powered content marketing software
  • Supports entire customer journey
  • Saves time and effort

Content Remix

Easily repurpose and reformat content across various channels with HubSpot's Content Remix tool.

  • Reformat content for multiple channels
  • Use AI to create different assets
  • Save and reuse remixes
  • Templates available for quick use

Consistent Brand Voice

Maintain a consistent brand voice with HubSpot's AI-driven brand voice tool.

  • Feed historical writing for AI analysis
  • Generate and revise text for consistency
  • Customise personality and tone traits
  • Apply brand voice to various channels

AI Blog Post Generator

Effortlessly create blog content that drives traffic and converts readers into customers using AI.

  • Generate ideas and titles with AI
  • View SEO metrics for each title
  • Create blog posts with AI assistance
  • Maintain brand voice consistency

AI Image Generator

Quickly create high-quality images for your content with HubSpot's AI image generator.

  • Generate images with a simple prompt
  • Choose style and orientation
  • Embed images in blogs and social posts
  • Enhance visual appeal of content

Post Narrator

Increase engagement by creating audio versions of your written content with HubSpot's narration tool.

  • Generate audio for blog posts
  • Choose from multiple AI voices
  • Embed audio in blog posts
  • Improve accessibility and reach

Member Blog

Offer exclusive content to your users and protect against AI search engines with Member Blog.

  • Exclusive content for members
  • Lead capture in a cookie-less world
  • Customisable access control settings
  • Post-by-post or entire blog restrictions

AI Translations

Manage and optimise multi-language pages and blogs effortlessly with HubSpot's AI translation tool.

  • Translate content into multiple languages
  • Associate language variants for easy management
  • Create multi-language variations automatically
  • Switch between language versions seamlessly

Create and Manage Podcasts

Easily create, manage, and host podcasts with HubSpot, reaching a wider audience effectively.

  • Upload or generate audio from text
  • Host and syndicate podcasts
  • Add episode details and artwork
  • Distribute to popular podcast platforms

Video Hosting

Host your videos on your website for better SEO and use them across various content pieces.

  • Embed videos directly on your site
  • Add SEO metadata to videos
  • Insert CTAs and forms in videos
  • Measure video performance and impact

Landing Pages and Forms

Create personalised landing pages and forms that generate leads and look great on any device.

  • No designer or IT help needed
  • Full forms tool integration
  • Add and customise form fields
  • Use smart content for personalisation

Content Approvals

Collaborate with your team and ensure quality with HubSpot's content approval process.

  • Approvals for webpages, blogs, and emails
  • Collaborate via comments and mentions
  • Request and manage content approvals
  • Keep track of approval status

SEO Recommendations and Analytics

Optimise your content for search engines with actionable SEO recommendations and detailed analytics.

  • Analyse content for SEO improvements
  • AI-generated meta descriptions
  • Dedicated SEO tool for site-wide analysis
  • Measure impact of SEO efforts over time

Content Embed

Embed dynamic, personalised content from HubSpot into your WordPress site seamlessly.

  • Use smart content for personalisation
  • Leverage CRM data for dynamic content
  • Easy editing experience for marketers
  • Centralised content management

Drag and Drop CMS

Easily create and edit webpages with HubSpot's intuitive drag and drop editor.

  • No coding required
  • Wide range of built-in modules
  • Real-time editing and version history
  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality

Dynamic Pages

Manage large numbers of pages with ease using HubDB and dynamic page templates.

  • Create listings and catalogues
  • Use a single template for multiple pages
  • Dynamic modules for content updates
  • Easy management with HubDB


Provide exclusive, personalised content for select audiences with HubSpot's membership feature.

  • Restrict access to specific groups
  • Create static or dynamic access groups
  • Use for learning management or partner portals
  • Personalise content for logged-in users

Multisite & Content Partitioning

Organise content across multiple brands, websites, or teams with HubSpot CMS.

  • Manage domains and URLs by business unit
  • Restrict publishing access by team
  • Filter pages by domain for analytics
  • Tailor content for different brands

Smart Content

Personalise your content to target specific audiences and stand out in a crowded market.

  • Personalise for known and unknown visitors
  • Use smart rules for targeted content
  • Preview and manage smart content variants
  • Embed smart content on other CMSs

A/B & Adaptive Testing

Optimise your content for conversion with A/B and adaptive testing in HubSpot.

  • Run A/B tests with two variants
  • Use adaptive tests for up to five variants
  • Automatically detect best-performing variants
  • Measure and compare test results

Reporting & Analytics

Gain insights into your marketing efforts with HubSpot's comprehensive reporting and analytics.

  • Attribute revenue to marketing activities
  • Track performance across channels
  • Customise reports and dashboards
  • Integrate external content for holistic view



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