Unlocking Business Growth with a HubSpot Integration Partner

Written by
Luke Marthinusen

What is a HubSpot Integration Partner?

HubSpot Integration Partners are specialised agencies or consultants that focus on integrating HubSpot with other software systems. Their expertise lies in creating seamless connections between HubSpot and various external platforms, ensuring that all systems work together harmoniously.

We often talk about a single source of truth in business. A good integration team will help you achieve that vision.

About me

I'm the CEO of a 35 person HubSpot agency. We've been awarded HubSpot's toughest integration HubSpot accreditations and have been integrating HubSpot into other systems for many years.

  • HubSpot Custom Integration Accreditation
  • HubSpot Solutions Architecture Design

Integration partners are key players in optimising and extending the functionality of the HubSpot platform to meet specific business needs.

HubSpot's entire partner strategy, with 5,000+ active partners, is driven by this thesis: that HubSpot is better when it's connected.

In fact, HubSpot always recommends HubSpot onboarding with a HubSpot partner. Over time, they have identified that partner-onboarded clients are more successful.

In this article, I will share insights from my professional journey as a HubSpot solution partner and manager of a dedicated HubSpot team and explain why integrations are essential for maximising HubSpot's potential in your business operations.

The Role of Integration Partners

A good HubSpot solutions partner will integrate systems across marketing services, customer support, lead generation and sales.

Our role is to:

  1. Custom Integration Solutions: We develop bespoke integrations that tailor HubSpot to fit unique business processes or requirements.
  2. Enhancing Functionality: Integration partners extend the capabilities of HubSpot CRM by linking it with other tools, enhancing overall functionality and user experience.
  3. Data Synchronisation: We ensure data flows smoothly between HubSpot and other systems, maintaining data integrity and accuracy.
  4. Technical Expertise: We bring a high level of technical knowledge, necessary for complex integrations that require an in-depth understanding of APIs and software architecture.

Why Choose a HubSpot Integration Partner?

  1. Specialised Knowledge: Integration partners possess specialised knowledge in HubSpot and other systems and are uniquely qualified to handle complex integration challenges.
  2. Time and Resource Efficiency: By leveraging their expertise, businesses can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent trying to figure out integrations internally.
  3. Experience: We do a few integrations regularly, and we have all the tools and expertise to do the work quickly and accurately. 
  4. Ongoing Support: Most partners offer ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that integrations continue to function smoothly over time.

Selecting the Right Integration Partner

We mentioned that there are 5000+ HubSpot partners globally. Only a handful of these solutions partners can be considered integration-capable. Your best indicators are the following accreditations:

  • HubSpot Custom Integration Accreditation
  • HubSpot Solutions Architecture Design

HubSpot accreditations are significantly harder to obtain, and only the most accomplished HubSpot solutions partners in the solutions partner program are invited to apply.

You can find these in the HubSpot partner directory. See the image below from our profile.



In addition to the accreditations mentioned above:

  1. Assess Their Expertise: Look for partners with proven experience in integrating your specific systems.
  2. Check Their Track Record: Evaluate their past projects and client testimonials to gauge their success and reliability.
  3. Understand Their Approach: Ensure their approach to integration aligns with your business needs and expectations.
  4. Consider Long-Term Support: Choose a partner who offers ongoing support and can adapt to your evolving business needs.

The Wrap

Integration partners play a vital role in maximising the potential of your HubSpot investment. They provide the technical expertise and strategic insight necessary to integrate HubSpot seamlessly with other tools and systems.

From lead generation and marketing services to customer service operations, a solid, the right solutions partner can unlock the full potential of HubSpot, driving efficiency and growth in your business.

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