How to use HubSpot Service Hub: Overview and Demo

Luke Marthinusen | September 22 2018

Video Demo of HubSpot Service Hub 

What's included in HubSpot Service Hub?

  • Conversations: Manage one-to-one customer comms with an inbox that aggregates customer emails, chats, Facebook messenger, bots and more.
  • Tickets: Log customer tickets that can be assigned automatically to members or departments, organised and prioritised, and tracked centrally.
  • Feedback: Regularly check the pulse on customer sentiment and feedback, and action delivery issues before they become problems.
  • Automation: Automatically route and escalate tickets, as well as task creation. Use feedback responses to start automated marketing communications or notes to the team.
  • Knowledge Base: Your customers probably ask the same questions of your support and even sales teams over and over again. Turn these questions into an organised knowledge base of help articles and docs that's indexed in Google search. 
  • Live Chat: Chat with your customers in real time, and store and manage all these comms in Conversations.
  • Chat Bots: Scale your levels of communication with a robust chatbot, and automatically route customers to the relevant help documentation in the knowledge base or to the right support agent.
  • Reporting: Measure and optimise your levels of support with a full suite of reporting tools, including knowledge-base usage data, ticket volumes and response times and, of course, customer feedback.

What does HubSpot Service Hub cost? 

As with all HubSpot products, they have a free version. But unlike the free version of marketing, the free version of HubSpot Service Hub is actually quite robust. Yes, if it works for you you will want to upgrade to unlock all the features, but don't hesitate to put some work into, and start using HubSpot Service Hub Free. 

To upgrade to the paid Pro version you'll be in for $400/€368 p/month for 5 seats. The enterprise version comes with 10 seats and will set you back $1200/€1110 p/month. Unlike the HubSpot Marketing (12 month contract) you can run month-to-month on HubSpot Service Hub. 

Click here to view the pricing and features in Free vs. Pro vs. Enterprise

Useful Links to get started with HubSpot Service Hub

Service Hub Playbook Links


Live Chat

Conversations and Bots

Need some more info on how the HubSpot Service Hub can benefit your organisation? Feel free to drop us a line.

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