HubSpot UTM Tags - The Quickfire Guide for Busy Marketers

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Luke Marthinusen

Tracking URLs help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by providing information to HubSpot when visitors access your site through the URL.

Create a tracking URL when you want to track traffic from a campaign to a page with the HubSpot tracking code. Examples include email blasts, PPC campaigns, and banner ads.

A tracking URL is a normal URL with parameters attached to it. When visitors come to your site from a tracking URL, HubSpot saves the information in those parameters.


It will take you to the same landing page, but the second link with the UTM parameters will provide us with an additional layer of data in the HubSpot Source report about where (social) the traffic came from and what campaign (blogpost) it is attached to, and the channel (facebook).

Parameters available in HubSpot:

  • Source: Used to show which site the visitors are coming from.
  • Medium: Used to show which marketing channels are bringing the visitor to your site. Examples include, but aren't limited to, email, social, or cost-per-click. 
  • Campaign: Used to identify which campaign the promotion is associated with. 
  • Term: Used to manually identify paid keywords you're targeting with your campaign. 
  • Content: Used to identify the exact element on your ad or promotion that was clicked. This is often used for optimization purposes. 

This article expands on the above parameters:

When you use a landing page link in Adwords or any social media channel make sure it has a UTM tag attached to it.

And NEVER use a shorted UTM tag for Google Adwords. Always use the full version. You can use shortened tags for social media posts, but social media paid posts use the full version too, not the shortened version.

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