Infographic: Why you should consider Marketing Automation in 2020

Written by
Gary Wright

It is well-known and widely utilised as it has a myriad of positive benefits. It can assist with:

  • Boosting the productivity of staff
  • Streamlining workflows
  • Increasing conversions
  • Quality lead generation

Why is marketing automation important?

The beauty of marketing automation is that it allows you to control, manage and run quite complex campaigns quite easily. Such software and tools are designed to utilise database technology and cookies in order to reach highly segmented audiences, so there is minimal effort required to individually target prospects and customers with personalised and relevant communication.

So, when both customer communication and engagement has been automated, you are able to spend more time on other high-level and high-impact tasks that require your urgent attention. In the process, it helps you to engage contacts and nurture them into customers.

There are so many options in the world of marketing automation. You can be nurturing a prospect with an email, using a direct message, social post or a set of triggered emails within a workflow you created. Marketing automation makes it much easier to stay in constant contact with your actual target audience.

The impact of marketing automation

Marketing automation has had a massive impact on marketing departments across the world, often resulting in real returns in the form of improved sales. Take a look at some statistics we have gathered that outline the impact of this relatively new technology.

MO - Marketing Automation - Infographic - No Link - 20200306

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Growth and innovation of marketing automation

Marketing automation becomes the secret sauce to digital marketing growth and innovation. You will find yourself beginning to grow and innovate with advanced workflows, A/B testing and identifying areas where you can improve and optimise your campaigns and digital assets. You will always be refining your strategies as you grow with marketing automation.

Soon you will be delving into multi-channel content strategies and campaigns. As you become more experienced with automating messages and content across your digital and social media platforms, marketing automation will become second nature. You will be a constant presence in the lives of your prospects, leads, and customers, which means you are always top of mind. This is the true impact and power of marketing automation.

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