Digital Marketing: How to prepare for your next explainer video

Digital Marketing

How to prepare for your next explainer video

By Jaco van der Watt September 14, 2018 • 2 minutes to read

Have you been bitten by the video bug? Including video in your content marketing plan is a fantastic idea. Explainer videos are a great place to start, but before you do, prepare with these tips from MO Agency.

1. Start with a great idea

All great content starts with a great idea. Having a great idea for your explainer video will show your expertise in the industry, and will provide relevant content to your followers and leads. 

2. Less why, more how

Your clients already believe in the value of your video, so avoid wasting their time by explaining why they should be watching your video. Instead, jump straight into the how. Your viewers are watching your videos to understand how to do something, not why they should learn it from you. 

3. Keep it simple

Don't use your explainer video as a platform to show your expansive knowledge on a variety of topics. Instead, keep it as simple as possible. Give your viewers the information they need, but keep it interesting.

4. Have fun 

Let your personality shine through! Once you've sorted out the video basics (script, lights, location, equipment) let yourself get into the feel of the video.

While good preparation makes for a good video, the personal touch will bring your video to life. -  Tweet This!

There you have it. Setting up an explainer video is a great way to create amazing content and attract new leads. Of course, if you're looking for video marketing experts to help you create an amazing video, we're always excited to take on new projects. 

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