How to sell more and nurture with great content

Written by
Luke Marthinusen

Are your marketing and sales team working together to create valuable content and move leads down the funnel? Content is all about context, and while marketers can provide the content, they rely heavily on the sales team for context. What are prospects actually asking? What does your sales team need in that final sales presentation? The right content at the right time means better sales, which is why teams need to work together for better sales enablement

How does great content help nurture prospects and close deals? 



1. Content engages, educates and retains

Content can help sales teams engage more deeply with their prospects, educate and retain their existing clients, and improve the success of your own marketing efforts. 

2. Share content with your sales team 

For marketers creating content, share it with your sales teams - it will strengthen your marketing results.

3. Ask marketing to create sale content

For sales people, work with your marketing team to share and create content for you to energize your sales process.

4. Reach out with something new

Sharing useful content gives you a reason to reach out to dormant prospects with something new. Adding value instead of sending a generic check-in email can establish positive brand association, while giving leads the resources they need to make their purchasing decision.

5. Avoid promotional content

Promotional material doesn't really add value to your prospects. Share content that demonstrates thought leadership, builds trust and fosters engagement.

6. Create sales content to answer FAQs

Sales teams often get asked the same questions again and again (and again). Marketing can spin the answers to these questions into videos, infographics, eBooks, whitepapers, or even just create articles for your website.

7. Work together to create great content

Instead of complaining about the quality of the leads from the marketing team, sales teams should work with them to build great content that drives sales. As a salesperson, you know your customers best. Valuable content tailored to your customer will improve their opinion of you, your company, increase brand loyalty, ramp up your retention, and ultimately boost your sales revenue.


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