9 Actionable Ways to Improve your InMail Response Rate

Written by
Luke Marthinusen

  1. When it comes to subject lines, shoot for clear, personalised subject line that conveys value. Don’t oversell.

  2. When writing your subject line - ask yourself - who is my reader, and why would they want to read my message?

  3. Send InMails between 9–10 a.m. on weekdays. InMail messages sent on Saturdays are 16% less likely to get a response.

  4. Referencing a former employer in common increases your chances of getting an InMail response by 27%.

  5. You’ve found great candidates for your role — now you need to connect with them. On average, LinkedIn’s InMail response rates are 3x higher than regular email.

  6. You’re 21% more likely to get a response from a candidate when you send an InMail to someone who shares a group with you.

  7. A LinkedIn member who is following your company is 95 % more likely to accept your InMail message.

  8. People who follow your company on LinkedIn are 81 % more likely to respond to your InMail than those who don’t.

  9. Candidates are 46 % more likely to accept InMails when they’re connected to your employees.

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