Where does HubSpot Store my Data?

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Luke Marthinusen

This is a valid question our clients ask us all the time. With GDPR a mandatory consideration in Europe (and POPIA in South Africa) it is a massively relevant question.

There are two things that need be considered:

1. Where is the HubSpot infrastructure located?

2. Where is my data processed and stored?

HubSpot's Regional Data Hosting Policy

HubSpot’s Regional Data Hosting Policy explains where customer data will be hosted by HubSpot.

Customers who are located in Europe (including Switzerland and the United Kingdom), Russia, the Middle East and Africa will have their customer data hosted in Europe by default.

This only applies to new customers who purchased HubSpot after July 19, 2021.

All other customer data is stored in the United States of America.

I'm a HubSpot customer already where is my data located?

  • If your account’s data is hosted in the European Union, it will be listed on your Account & Billing page and your HubSpot order receipts
  • If your account's data is hosted in North America, a data hosting location will not be listed.

To view your Account & Billing page:

  • In your HubSpot account, click your account name in the top right corner, then click Account & Billing.
  • In the bottom left, the data hosting location will appear under your current subscriptions and add-ons.

hubspot data processing

Data Processing outside your location

While your data is stored according to HubSpot’s Regional Data Hosting Policy, your data may be processed outside of your location by HubSpot in the USA, and various data Sub-processors and Affiliates.

HubSpot employees from other office locations outside your regional location and the USA may access your HubSpot account and Customer Data. 

Before installing integrations, investigate how data will be passed to these integrations and where the data will be stored and/or processed. You are responsible for any integrations you use in conjunction with your HubSpot account.

Who provides the core infrastructure that HubSpot runs on?

Below is a list of Sub-processors that power HubSpot. Before you look at the list below, you must know if your data resides in North America or the European Union. 

The core data sub-processors and locations are outlined below. Core data sub-processors are native to HubSpot, and you can neither add nor remove them. E.g. If you call from HubSpot Sales or Service Hubs, you will be using Twilio

As mentioned above, installing certain apps will add to this sub-processor list.

Third-Party Sub-Processor Purpose Applicable Service US Data Center Sub-Processor Location: United States EU Data Center Sub-Processor Location: EU or Other Conversation & Chat Functionality Used to support conversations/chat features in the HubSpot product United States Ireland and Germany
Amazon Web Services, Inc Hosting & Infrastructure Used as a on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs United States Germany
Google, Inc. Regional Data Processing Data hosting provider United States Germany
Google reCAPTCHA Form submission spam prevention Used for HubSpot form submission spam prevention United States *United States
Cloudflare Content Delivery Network Used as a web infrastructure and website security, providing content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, internet security, and distributed domain name server services United States


**Data Centers located all around the world. Traffic will be automatically routed to the nearest data center.

ConvertAPI Product File Functionality Used for files and documents conversion for websites and web/desktop applications United States Germany
HelloSign Product E-Signature Functionality Used for HubSpot product E-signature solution for deals United States Germany
Litmus Email Functionality Used for email previews United States N/A in the EU data center.
Mux Video functionality Used for HubSpot video service provider United States *United States
Snowflake, Inc. Reporting  functionality Data warehouse solution which serves as the repository of data. United States Germany
Twilio, Inc. Calling functionality Used as a service which allows HubSpot calling United States *United States

If you're feeling brave, you can review HubSpot's full Data Processing Agreement here

GDPR does not require personal data to be stored in the EU

There is no obligation under the GDPR or POPI (South Africa) for data to be stored in the EU and the rules regarding the transfer of personal data outside the EU remain largely unchanged. GDPR permits transfers of personal data outside of the EU subject to certain conditions.

Refer to your company's own data privacy policies for further details on the transfer of data as it pertains to your own use case. 


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