Digital Marketing: 3 Actionable Tips to Increase your Digital Marketing Impact Now

Digital Marketing

3 Actionable Tips to Increase your Digital Marketing Impact Now

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By Luke Marthinusen August 20, 2019 • 2 minutes to read

What three actionable tips would you advise to improve our digital marketing impact now?

A question I was asked yesterday by a marketing director at a leading financial services firm and wanted to share here.

1. Workshop your personas at least annually

Your market will change subtly over time and you need to be aware of these changes to accurately pinpoint your message to the right people.

Having a clear picture of your personas allows you to know which personas are engaging with you, bringing in revenue, or just creating noise and no revenue.

2. Make CRM a core part of your marketing strategy

CRM software is not just for the sales and customer service team.

A CRM gives marketers granular information about every touchpoint a customer has with your business from awareness to acquisition and retention.

To nurture contacts into customers you need to keep track of their journey with your business.

3. Put your live marketing data up on a screen with a data visualisation tool

“Do you use an analytics tool? Google Analytics for example? Yes?”

“When do you report on it? End of the month?” “That’s too late”

Most marketers are very visual. Buried in Google Analytics or a 40 page monthly report isn’t going to help your team be agile.

Put your ‘live’ marketing metrics up on a large screen in the marketing department where everyone can see it.

A data visualisation tool like Databox will present your marketing performance in real-time.

Social down for the day? Traffic down for the week? If it’s live for everyone to see I guarantee the person responsible will improve the metrics for the next day/week.

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