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Free CRM: Is HubSpot CRM really free?

Luke Marthinusen | October 18 2018

Seem to good to be true? Why is HubSpot CRM free when all the other CRM's on the market, especially the top ones are actually pretty darn expensive?

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Free HubSpot CRM: Use cases

If you fall into any of the following use scenarios, the HubSpot CRM is free for you. If you don't, bring out your credit card.

Scenario 1:

You are want somewhere to store your contact database, including contacts and companies. You want to be able to slice and dice your database, integrate to your Gmail, G Suite and Outlook, and to track any email conversation you have with any of your contacts permanently in your CRM.

Scenario 2:

In addition to the above functionality, you want to keep track of opportunities and deals in a single pipeline, and to manage your sales process by moving your deals down the sales funnel.

Scenario 3:

In addition to the both scenarios above, you want your team members or sales team to also track conversations and meetings in the CRM, as well as manage and track their sales process by moving deals down the sales funnel.

Each of the scenarios above can be managed with the free HubSpot CRM, which is limited, but has very useful email tracking, reporting, templates, website pop-up forms and chat available.

So why is HubSpot CRM free?

Their additional products, namely the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub aren’t just integrated with HubSpot CRM; the CRM is the underlying database that powers all three of these products. This means that when you add these products into the mix, they will be seamlessly integrated with your database and ready for super fast deployment and success.

Wrapping it up

This frictionless upgrade path is a very clearly thought out product matrix from a super slick software firm. However, this should not discourage you from using this really great free product. Too many business's idea of a CRM is a bloated Excel spreadsheet. Every single one of these businesses should scramble to use this free tool from HubSpot. 

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