Choosing a HubSpot Agency in the UK

I created this page for existing and potential HubSpot customers looking for a HubSpot agency. We focus exclusively on being a world-class HubSpot agency and building and growing MO Agency - I’ve learnt a thing or two about HubSpot agencies.

We’re a mid-sized HubSpot agency with 23 - 25 staff. That means we only have around 400 hours a week to share. So we’re not always able to take on new clients. If you use this simple Q&A guide and find a well suited HubSpot agency that's not us - I’ll call it a success.

But do give us a call. We’d love to hear from you, and we often have capacity coming available as we complete our journey with our clients.

Here is some of our recent work.

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But this guide is not about me or MO Agency, so onto the Q&A...

Who is the best HubSpot agency in the UK?

The answer to this question depends on your company and the support you need. In my opinion, the top HubSpot agencies in the UK are Bablequest, Blend, BBD Boom, Digital 22, Hubble, MO Agency, Six & Flow, Struto, and Quattro. That’s a list of 10 great HubSpot agencies. Eight are Elite HubSpot partner agencies, and two are Diamond.

MO's take:

MO Agency is a HubSpot Diamond partner. In 2020 we won the Global Customer First Award. It awards the HubSpot agency with the best HubSpot licence retention and growth rate per account. We’re not the largest HubSpot agency, with 22 - 25 full-time staff in London and Johannesburg. But we're probably the most creative, and our onboarding, integration and migration work is world-class. 

What are HubSpot Partner tiers? Do they matter?

Yes, HubSpot tiers do matter. HubSpot determines their partner tiers using a measure of HubSpot software licence sales (12 month sold tier credit) and HubSpot accounts managed (Managed MRR). Both are measured in monetary values. Diamond and Elite HubSpot partners have dedicated themselves to HubSpot. They employ the best HubSpot talent in the UK.

MO's take:

Below is a screenshot of our current tier (Feb 2022). You can see we sell HubSpot at an Elite level. But we only manage $90k of HubSpot. So we are a Diamond HubSpot Partner agency. To be an Elite partner, we need to manage over $170k of HubSpot. As an agency owner, I don’t believe this is possible or necessary at our quality standards with our current complement of 22 - 25 staff.



Does the size of a HubSpot agency matter?

Yes. Both too big and too small come with unique challenges. Let me explain from a HubSpot agency owners perspective.

Small HubSpot agencies (1-10 staff) tend to have specialisations like inbound marketing campaigns. They’re great at this one thing but need to outsource for specialist jobs like HubSpot CMS development, CRM integrations or technical SEO. Outsourcing can cause quality, scope and cost issues for these projects if not managed tightly.

Large HubSpot agencies (25+ staff) have the most skills in-house but struggle to find enough qualified staff to service all their accounts. Smaller clients can find themselves with an inexperienced team. The best of these large HubSpot agencies have excellent processes to support these staff, and the worst don’t.

Mid-sized HubSpot agencies (11-25 staff) can struggle with either issue. However, a well-managed agency makes it’s easier to employ all the required specialists and maintain the team and processes more efficiently.

MO's take:

It’s easier to manage and maintain good profit margins with 20 - 25 staff mid-sized agency. As MO Agency’s owner, profit margins are important to me, and client retention and happiness are central to this.

What does a HubSpot agency cost per month?

The rates in the UK range from £2,000 - £10,000 p/month. These figures comprise an hourly rate. Hourly rates in the UK vary from £70 - £140 p/hour. The more you spend per month, the quicker you can expect to see results. It’s simple math - you have more consulting hours to use each month. However, the more you spend with your HubSpot agency, the more you need to manage. A month of moving in the wrong direction at £10,000 p/month is expensive.

MO's take:

Our rates start at £2,130 p/month (30 hours) and go up to £7,250 p/month (80 hours). You can get an unbelievable amount of optimisation and campaign work done in 80 hours per month. Especially if the work is well planned and the team on the job is highly skilled.


Do I need a HubSpot agency?

That depends on you and your company. There are some amazingly skilled people working for HubSpot agencies. Hiring a HubSpot agency gives you access to these people who can fast track your HubSpot success because they’ve done it before. They know the common pitfalls, and they can work very quickly. You can learn a considerable amount from these people.

If you don't have HubSpot - go for a regular digital agency in the UK

MO's take:

At MO Agency, our goal is to work with our clients for 3 - 12 months and equip them with the skills to run HubSpot themselves - with the same level of quality we do.


Should I do onboarding with a HubSpot agency or directly with HubSpot?

You should work with a HubSpot agency. HubSpot prefers its clients onboard and work with HubSpot partner agencies. They’ve found these clients are retained better. Onboarding with a HubSpot agency costs the same or less than onboarding with HubSpot, and I would argue you always get more value for your money. Plus, you’ve built a relationship with the agency and can always reach out to them at a later stage for special projects, or you might decide you want a monthly retainer with them.

Are all HubSpot partner agencies good at HubSpot?

No. Start with the Diamond and Elite level HubSpot partners. These partners excel at HubSpot. To become an Elite/Diamond HubSpot partner agency involves completing 100s of courses on HubSpot, guiding a 100+ clients to success with HubSpot. And of course, managing and selling their way there too. Platinum HubSpot agencies can also take you there, and they can often do it at a very reasonable price. You’ll just need to sort through a few potentials before finding the right one.

Should I buy HubSpot before choosing a HubSpot agency?

No. Firstly, an agency partner can advise you on the best combination of HubSpot licences. They will also map out a growth plan to roll out HubSpot licences to everyone at the correct timeframe. No use paying upfront for licences you won't be able to use for the first six months. Secondly, HubSpot partners have relationships with HubSpot, and they can help you negotiate a better deal with HubSpot than you could yourself. If you plan to use multiple HubSpot Hubs and have lots of licences with a high value (£2,000+ p/month and over more extended periods), HubSpot could entertain a great discount on your licences. Remember HubSpot wants you to be successful with HubSpot. A HubSpot partner agency is in the best position to make your case for a discount.

Should I use the HubSpot Solutions Directory?

Yes. If you go over to the HubSpot Solutions Directory, you can sort for all HubSpot agencies in the UK. The directory lists Elite HubSpot partners first and ranks them by the number of reviews, not quality of reviews. Next comes the Diamond HubSpot partners. Click into each profile. Read each of the reviews - you’ll get a feel for what the agency is good at and what forms the bulk of thier work. HubSpot Sales Hub? HubSpot onboarding? Inbound Marketing campaigns? CRM migrations and integrations? The bigger agencies will have far more reviews (they do more projects), so reading what the reviewers say is essential.

MO's take:

The cool thing about HubSpot reviews is that you need a HubSpot account to leave a review. So these are genuine HubSpot users leaving the reviews. However, agencies only ask their pleased clients for HubSpot reviews. So be a little cautious that this is the entire picture. Maybe pop over to their Google reviews as well. Google reviews are where the unsolicited reviews live. Read them too.

Which HubSpot Hubs should I choose? Can I start with multiple Hubs?

Yes. Most HubSpot agencies will tell you that the synergy between HubSpot Marketing Hub and HubSpot Sales Hub is where they focus. Aligned marketing and sales teams lead to business growth. Going with multiple Hubs can increase your chances of getting a discount on your licence. Plus, your results will be much better.

MO's take:

Our most successful clients all use at least three Hubs. Sales, marketing and service teams know what's happening to leads, opportunities and customers at every turn. Accountability is driven hard by this visibility. Accountability inside and between teams is a strong predictor of business growth.


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