EasyEquities: Trump it Up HubSpot Campaign - How to Generate 1100 leads in 14 days

Written by
Kishan Hansjee

Some of the most enticing projects for our team of developers are those that involve using technologies and platforms in new, and often, unconventional ways.

The challenge of taking a software in a new direction is one they simply can’t resist. And, when you have a client whose brand is playful, and just a little cheeky, like EasyEquities, those challenges are never far away. 

Campaign goal

The goal of the #TrumpItUp campaign was to grow interest in Investing in US stocks and instruments. To achieve this, we turned to the power of the community! Every time an EasyEquities user funded their US investment account for the first time, they would contribute $4 to a pot. At the end of the campaign, a winner would be drawn and take home the grand total in the pot, deposited directly into their trading account. 

The technicalities behind the project

From a high level, the concept appears to be a simple one. But we really wanted to drive engagement and give participants a reason to check back in on the size of the pot and share the campaign with others.

The idea was to send an email when a user funded their US account, that would link through to a landing page with a thermometer style graphic showing you the current value of the pot. As the pot grows, depending on the value, a different persona of Donald Trump would appear on the landing page. 

Trump it up

So, how do you seamlessly send emails to a client, direct them to a landing page, that retains a total count of users that have funded their accounts? In a word, integration. The value of having your systems and platforms connected and communicating can not be understated. The possibilities that open up are almost endless.

In EasyEquities’ case, their trading platform is connected to their HubSpot instance. This means that this entire campaign was possible with just the use of a humble HubSpot contact list. 

How it works in HubSpot

From a high level, a user funds their account in the trading platform. That information is sent to HubSpot, and a custom property on the contact record is populated. A smart HubSpot list, which is set up to automatically add any user from the CRM who has that custom property, is updated.

Next, a workflow picks up the baton, by automatically sending out an email to a user when they are added to the HubSpot list.

The final piece of the jigsaw is the landing page. How do you get the total number of users that have funded their US account and calculate the total, current pot? You return to the simple HubSpot list. Using the HubSpot API, you can fetch any list in your HubSpot instance and retrieve the current number of users belonging to that list. From there, a simple multiplication by 4 gives you the total value of the pot. 

The workflow

An integral part of our process is mapping out user journeys and information flow

So, how did we do?

It was a landslide victory in the polls! With the final pot reaching $5400 in just 14 days and over 1100 entries, it’s fair to call this campaign a success. The social media engagement in the campaign was a huge positive as well.

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