Migrating Cash Flow Capital from Taskflow to HubSpot CRM

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Luke Marthinusen

Cash Flow Capital provides alternative business financing for Small to Medium Businesses. They are the leading unsecured business funder in South Africa.

This is an award winning project!

MO Agency won an award for this project - Platform Migration Excellence. 🚀

HubSpot awards this a partner who has demonstrated expertise in migrating a customer from a legacy platform/system to HubSpot.

It is only awarded to four partners every year in all of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa.)


The brief

Cash Flow Capital came to MO Agency wanting to move from Taskflow, their existing CRM, to HubSpot CRM. They were in need of a tool that would provide a holistic view of all their data in an easy to use system.

Their current CRM experience was negative and became more admin than its worth. Cash Flow Capital discovered HubSpot and needed a hand getting the system set up quickly, and their teams trained and utilising the platform right away. MO Agency was up to the challenge.


The challenge

The CRM Cash Flow Capital was using created frustration within their teams due to many factors:


Their data was not easily manageable and resulted in many errors of contact/company duplication as well as missing or incorrect information within their records. In addition, some of the data they needed was held within different services that did not integrate with their CRM.


The reports they could generate were individualised and only provided information on specific aspects of the business rather than a holistic view of the business.

Sales enablement

Cash Flow Capital was unable to assign proper access rights to their pipelines and as such, members of their sales team were unable to view their pipeline or the deal values. This along with the lack of sales automation features made it a system of admin and confusion rather than supportive and enriching.

Primary goals

  • Set up their new HubSpot CRM
  • Connect their website to HubSpot
  • Migrate their data from Taskflow to HubSpot
  • Integrate HubSpot with the other services Cash Flow Capital uses
  • Improve sales efficiency with automation

The solution

Setting up their portal

We jumped right in and set up their portal to be ready for their contacts and data when they were ready to switch over. This meant connecting the Cash Flow Capital website, setting up custom properties, roles, workflows and sequences, and integrating their external services.

For this set up we had nearly three months to fully set up the portal perfectly and train their teams so that when the client made the switch from Taskflow to HubSpot it was a seamless transition.

When they were ready to transition we migrated their data by running a small test batch first to ensure the data pulled through correctly and then imported the rest.

The website integration was linked and started collecting leads and pulling their visiting information right away.

The custom roles let us add users in bulk and give them specified permissions. The custom properties helped segment their data and also stop certain people from viewing sensitive data.

Before HubSpot, Cash Flow Capital’s data was managed by each department individually, we took their sales process and split it into multiple pipelines that are entirely automated. The deals process was then set up with automations so that they never have to be updated manually and builds an automated timeline of activities with their clients.


We integrated their third-party tools like DocuSign through the HubSpot App Marketplace integration. All of this was done over a weekend so that the team could arrive at work on Monday and continue exactly where they left off but on HubSpot.

Problems we ran into

Many of the issues were around user access so we used the “Roles” function to eliminate that issue. We also didn’t want to mix contact records with leads data, so we created a custom object for them to move these Leads to their own object.

The results

We ended up adding on to their existing processes showcasing what HubSpot CRM can do. We automated their sales process as much as possible.

We added email templates for their sales teams to utilise and improve their engagement and conversion rates. They have subsequently started using more of the processes and as a result, reduced the time needed in their services and sales processes. Now the sales team has more time to sell rather than focusing on internal and administrative processes.

With all the data from every department all stored in one place, Cash Flow Capital was able to create and store all their compliance documentation and quotations within HubSpot. With a single source of truth, duplicate contacts were eliminated and the number of mistakes made was reduced.

Their reporting was revolutionised. With HubSpot in place, Cash Flow Capital was now able to show new, existing and reopened clients without having to consult each department for their individual data sets.

Our impact

The team at Cash Flow Capital are really enjoying HubSpot. The additional functionality of the platform has unified their data and improved their processes. Currently, we are working on adding in more workflows to refine and optimise their sales processes.

We are looking forward to the next phase where we are integrating their loan management system and expanding their HubSpot platform.


"When we decided to move CRM systems, it was a worrisome task that made us have restless nights. We did a lot of research and met with many different agencies that would aid during these times.

When we met with MO Agency, Beanca van Niekerk quickly gave me the peace of mind I needed to continue with the process. When we started with our planning, our Account manager Caleb Lazerus had great insight and was able to assist in building out our processes and operations to where we had never experienced it before. He was able to take our simple process and flesh it out to increase UX internally and externally. He seamlessly was able to do the Data migration and had no issue when we went live on Hubspot.

The feedback and input from MO Agency have made this mammoth task an easy a good experience that I am happy to do it again if they were to assist me. If you are in the same boat, look no further than MO Agency and their experienced staff."

Francois Greyling | Head of Technology Finance, Cash Flow Capital

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