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Norman Goodfellows Web App

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Client & Project Background

Norman Goodfellows requested a solution for their trade clients made up of restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs to be able to order on their account directly from any device or desktop. Prior to our solution all orders were called through to the call centre or emailed through to the orders department.

Our Solution & Strategy

Our new Trade App allows a customer to browse and order 5000+ products via desktop and mobile device. Customers are shown pricing with their unique discount structure as well as stock quantities. Placing an order on the Trade App creates a sales order on the Norman Goodfellows Syspro ERP system; stock is picked and scheduled for delivery within a matter of hours. No more paper work or unnecessary communication.

NGF Functionality@2x.png


The interface was designed for mobile first, and then translated to desktop. In our research we found that although customers behind desktops did most of the ordering, we see this changing and wanted to encourage the change. E.g. A restaurant manager working the restaurant floor and suddenly discovers the restaurant is on its last few bottles of a favourite wine

NGF User Interface@2x.png

Designing your application for mobile first, and then for desktop is a great way to make sure you futureproof your software.

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