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Top 5 Challenges of Marketing and Sales

Loren Phillips | November 3 2019

Over the last four years, converting leads to customers, growing traffic to the website, and cross-selling remain most company’s top marketing priorities.

Sales, on the other hand, remains steadily concerned about closing more deals, improving the efficiency of their sales funnel and getting on board with social selling.

Selling and the online space

With the the online space making such an impact on the modern buyer, the modern sales professional needs to be in touch with their marketing department. The same goes for the marketing department.

Feedback from the sales team on lead quality and time to close becomes critical to improving the ROI on marketing spend. 

Buyers are researching you long before they reach out to your company, and by the time they do reach out they have probably narrowed down their options to you and another one or two providers. If marketing is doing their job well, you will make the buyers shortlist.

So work with your digital marketers. If the current leads are not the level of quality you expect or require, work hand in hand with them to help them improve. Take action.  MO Agency - Top 5 Challenges of Marketing and Sales - Infographic - 20180727

Top 5 marketing challenges of 2018

  • Generating traffic and leads: 61%
  • Proving the ROI of marketing activities: 39%
  • Securing enough budget: 27%
  • Managing our website: 25%
  • Identifying the right tech for our needs: 24%

Top 5 sales challenges of 2018

  • Getting a response from prospects: 40%
  • Engaging multiple decision makers at the company in the buying process: 31%
  • Closing deals: 30%
  • Connecting via phone: 29%
  • Identifying/prospecting good leads: 28%


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Welcome to the MO Agency blog. Here you can find resources on Digital Marketing, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Web Development & Brand Strategy.