Digital Marketing: Top 5 challenges of marketing and sales

Digital Marketing

Top 5 challenges of marketing and sales

By Loren Phillips July 30, 2018 • 1 minutes to read

In the latest HubSpot State of Inbound Report, released in June 2018, marketers and salespeople describe the top 5 challenges that they face. Interestingly enough, over the last 4 years, converting leads to customers, growing traffic to the website, and cross-selling remain a company’s top marketing priorities. Sales, on the other hand, remains steadily concerned about closing more deals, improving the efficiency of their sales funnel and getting on board with social selling.

Top 5 marketing challenges of 2018

  • Generating traffic and leads: 61%
  • Proving the ROI of marketing activities: 39%
  • Securing enough budget: 27%
  • Managing our website: 25%
  • Identifying the right tech for our needs: 24%

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Top 5 sales challenges of 2018

  • Getting a response from prospects: 40%
  • Engaging multiple decision makers at the company in the buying process: 31%
  • Closing deals: 30%
  • Connecting via phone: 29%
  • Identifying/prospecting good leads: 28%

 MO - Top 5 Challenges of Marketing and Sales - Infographic - 20180727


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