5 Essential Digital Transformation Tools HubSpot Brings to the Table

Written by
Ace Morwalle

A recent Johannesburg event brought to light some must-have business digital transformation tools for 2020. Below is the summary of the talk by HubSpot's Prateek Sharma.

MO Agency hosted the January HubSpot User Group (HUG) Event in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa. The event was attended by Sales and Marketing Technology professionals from various industries.

1. Dynamic Content

Otherwise known as adaptive content, dynamic content refers to web content that changes based on a user's behaviour preferences and interests and is generated the moment a user requests a page.

With dynamic content, you are able to optimise for conversions by tailoring the experience and presenting your product in a manner that appeals to the needs of the end user. Referrals will always be a major source of leads, and a one-size-fits-all experience won't help your business take advantage of that.

2. Integrated Support & Marketing

Word-of-mouth remains the largest source of leads for most businesses. Poor customer experience has a huge impact on customer acquisition & retention and up-sell opportunities. Because this loss of revenue is invisible, your business foregoes the opportunity to improve upon revenue goals. By connecting your sales, marketing and service channels, you can help your business avoid this.

3. Meetings Bots

Technology and social media have improved the speed and efficiency of service delivery -the result being an increased lack of patience from consumers. This means that certain processes such as filling in forms are slowly becoming counter-intuitive with more people becoming reluctant to "waste their time," while still demanding timely and efficient service delivery. The use of Bots has enabled businesses to deliver customer service where (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), when (immediately or within 10min max.) and how (efficiently, effectively, etc.) customers' prefer.

4. Video Prospecting

Text can sometimes be bare & emotionless, leaving the sender subject to misunderstanding and ruining your chances of creating a good first impression. With video, you are able to convey tone better, and it allows you to be more emotive and spontaneous. Statistics show that on average, engagement rates for video are, by far, higher than any other content form. With the right copy for a subject line, you should see a huge improvement in your email engagement and open rates.

5. Automated Lead Assignment and Scoring

Lead assignment and scoring is an important exercise that allows a sales team to focus on prospects that are most likely to convert into customers. With a qualification framework in place, you can gain insight into your prospects' decision making processes, helping you predict who will buy when. Once this process is up and running, look to automate the process. Speed is everything - filtering leads in real time allows your business to strike while the iron is hot and most likely get a positive result from your efforts.

Here's the video in case you missed it:


Final Thoughts

The true benefits of these strategies can only be achieved with regular application and optimisation. Although each of these tools can be achieved with separate tools, HubSpot is the one tool that allows this to be done in one place. 

We've successfully integrated these processes into HubSpot and helped multiple clients do the same. For more information on the benefits of automated marketing, download our free ebook below. Enjoy!


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