Digital Marketing: 5 SEO Myths

Digital Marketing

5 SEO Myths

By marketsonline February 5, 2015 • 2 minutes to read

2014 was an interesting year for search engine optimisation (SEO). Google went for months without any real updates, and then in the last four months of 2014 there was Panda, Penguin, Pirate, and Pigeon along with tweaks and refinements along the way. In fact, Penguin wasn’t given an end date; it just keeps on rolling like Tina Turner on the river.

Here are 5 SEO myths:

1. SEO is Cheap – SEO is a fast-paced industry and ever changing, which requires SEO specialist to stay up to date with all the latest changes in the industry. It is crucial to have a proper SEO ranking and it takes time; you cannot expect to invest little to no money for excellent results.

2. Website Audits are Cheap – It is possible to generate a cheap SEO audit if all you did was to run a few tools and wrote a few paragraphs around those results? Tools are often wrong and you can therefore not rely on the results you received. Hiring an experienced SEO specialist to analyse and review your website will reveal the major areas you need to focus on to improve the performance of your website.

3. Build it and They Will Come – Many people have the impression that if you build a website and create some content, users will automatically flock to their website. This is far from the true! A lot of work has to be done in order for the website to have a proper SEO ranking. If you want your website to be visible and reachable, you need to invest and do the work.

4. Position Does Not Matter – The position of your website within the search results pages is of utmost importance. Make sure that your website has the top position for keywords and phrases that are relevant to your company – this will drive traffic to your website that is most likely to convert into a lead or sale.

5. SEO is Dead! – Organic search is still the #1 way to get users to your website. SEO is definitely far, far away from dead!

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