HubSpot Customer Success Stories

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Neal Venter

HubSpot is a renowned customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation platform, and it has been instrumental in empowering businesses around the world to achieve growth and success. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the power of HubSpot in South Africa. From small startups to established enterprises, this powerful CRM has taken businesses to the next level.

Want to find out what HubSpot can do for you? These are some of our best customer success stories!


MO Agency has worked with several South African businesses to help extract the most out of HubSpot. We’ll cover some key customer success stories below:

  • Real Success Network HubSpot onboarding
  • Customer service upgrade for 4Racing
  • HubSpot migration for iKhokha
  • HubSpot and custom integrations for The StudentHub

For more examples of how powerful this CRM can be in South Africa, take a look at some more HubSpot case studies.

The Importance of HubSpot in South Africa

Technology plays a vital role in shaping businesses. That’s why customer relationship management (CRM) platforms have become essential tools for organisations of all sizes. 

Among these platforms, HubSpot has emerged as a game-changer, providing businesses with comprehensive tools to streamline marketing, sales, and customer service processes. 

HubSpot offers a centralised system that enables businesses to effectively manage customer interactions, automate marketing campaigns, track sales activities, and provide exceptional customer support. 

The platform's versatility and user-friendly interface have made it an invaluable asset for businesses in South Africa, offering a range of benefits that contribute to their overall success.

HubSpot has become a critical tool for businesses in South Africa, empowering them to optimise their marketing, sales, and customer service. The potential is limitless with HubSpot, that’s why we've got several key case studies to showcase its power down below.

HubSpot Customer Success Stories

At MO Agency we’ve worked with many incredible South African businesses and helped them to get the most out of their HubSpot experience. From onboarding to custom integrations, we’ve done it all. Take a look at some of our latest customer success stories below!

Real Success Network HubSpot Onboarding

The Real Success Network, a global organisation dedicated to guiding individuals on a lifelong journey of educational self-improvement, partnered with MO Agency to revolutionise its operations through HubSpot. 

The goal was to replace their legacy tech stack consisting of Kartra and Freshdesk. Real Success aimed to overcome challenges associated with a growing audience of 1.5 million contacts including manual tasks, scalability limitations, and the need for enhanced automation and optimisation.

MO Agency took on the HubSpot onboarding challenge. Over 12 weeks, the onboarding program focused on training and enabling multiple teams, including marketing, sales, customer experience, and administrative functions, across different time zones.

The migration of 1.5 million contacts from Katra to HubSpot posed a significant challenge, as there were no native connectors or migration tools available. 

However, we successfully mapped existing marketing, sales, and service processes and identified opportunities for optimisation through automation. Our team enclosed the necessary data and transferred it meticulously to HubSpot.

The Real Success Network benefited from the HubSpot onboarding process in several ways. With HubSpot in place, they were able to:

  • Manage their helpdesk efficiently using Service Hub for their existing event. 
  • Subsequent events were launched entirely on HubSpot Marketing and CMS Hubs
  • Eliminated error correction tasks, unexpected issues, and manual processes, providing full visibility across teams.
  • Decrease the average ticket time to close significantly after the Service Hub implementation
  • Create trackable revenue attribution through comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Customer Service Upgrade for 4Racing

4Racing, a company operating horse race courses, betting outlets, and sports betting websites, partnered with MO Agency to digitally transform their business and revamp their customer service operations. 

With outdated manual systems and a lack of insights into their customers, 4Racing suffered from poor efficiency and weak customer service.

However, a comprehensive digitisation effort was initiated, focusing on improving the customer service team using HubSpot Service Hub Professional.

The 4Racing team faced some key challenges including:

  • The absence of a unified customer service system
  • Limited insights into customer behaviour
  • Slow communication processes 
  • Lack of reporting metrics

Our team implemented a strategic solution, starting with the setup of HubSpot Service Hub and the onboarding of customer service representatives and managers. 

To enhance customer service, the betting system was integrated into HubSpot CRM, providing agents with comprehensive customer information, such as betting history and preferences.

Automation played a crucial role in streamlining service workflows, allowing for faster ticket resolution and efficient team coordination. 

HubSpot's conversational inbox unified email communications, simplifying lead rotation and ticket creation. 

Custom live reporting dashboards provided insights into service efforts, enabling data-driven decision-making. The implementation of internal service processes and auto-responders further improved customer service and internal communications.

As a result of injecting HubSpot into their business, 4Racing experienced significant improvements in efficiency, response times, and ticket resolution. The results speak for themselves:

  • Ticket resolution time dropped from 4.3 days to 17.6 hours on average
  • Average time to first respond improved from 16.5 hours to 9.7 hours.
  • Unified inbox and ticketing pipeline allowed for seamless collaboration among team members, leading to a smoother customer service experience
  • Large-scale reporting metrics empowered the team to measure performance and make data-driven decisions, enhancing overall operations.

4Racing's partnership with MO Agency and the implementation of HubSpot Service Hub brought about a transformative shift in their customer service capabilities. 

The team now handles a higher volume of service requests more efficiently, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and operational success.


"MO Agency did such a great job of guiding us through the setup and training of HubSpot Service Hub. We are now able to handle far more service requests than before. We also handle them faster."

  • Belinda Armstrong, Head of Customer Service

HubSpot Migration for iKhokha

iKhokha, a leading South African fintech company, partnered with MO Agency to implement marketing automation and integrate a full-stack HubSpot portal into their business. 

Before the project, iKhokha was using multiple software pieces to manage its acquisition and support processes, leading to challenges and inefficiencies.

The initial challenges faced by iKhokha included:

  • The absence of a central CRM system.
  • Need to integrate their custom-built Merchant Server with HubSpot for a smooth leadership transition.
  • The goal is to set up and integrate Shopify eCommerce for touchless acquisition.
  • An inability to centrally record WhatsApp communications with prospects.
  • Engaging existing customers with relevant updates and news.

After a few months, iKhokha approached MO Agency again to address new HubSpot-related challenges:

  • Integrating data points from the Merchant Server to trigger personalised nurturing in HubSpot based on customers' financial milestones.
  • Migrating the blog from WordPress to HubSpot CMS
  • Migrating the Shopify website into HubSpot CMS.
  • Implementing technical SEO for their website.

To address these challenges, our team set up a full-stack HubSpot portal, using the various HubSpot Hubs to provide solutions. 

The tech stack and data flow were simplified, and an acquisition flow was designed in collaboration with iKhokha during the onboarding phase. 

The sales and support teams were migrated from Freshsales and Freshdesk to HubSpot Sales and Support Hubs using custom-built HubSpot Apps and API integrations. This allowed seamless data synchronisation and minimised the impact on the business.

Lead acquisition and management were improved by using HubSpot forms on the WebFlow website to replace Zapier integrations, allowing prioritisation and rotation of leads to the sales team. 

Shopify eCommerce was automated using HubSpot Marketing Hub, enabling a smooth transition and completion of the signup and Know Your Customer (KYC) process. 

The sales process was integrated to reduce friction, with sales representatives accessing pre-populated HubSpot CMS pages containing contact and deal information, enabling quick completion of the application process.

The results of the HubSpot migration and integration were significant:

  • Website sessions increased by over 500% since the start of the project.
  • The separate websites previously used were consolidated into a single integrated HubSpot CMS website, simplifying data tracking and analysis.
  • iKhokha experienced impressive business metrics after implementing HubSpot, including increased website traffic, improved website health, and organic traffic growth.

HubSpot and Custom Integrations for The StudentHub

The Student Hub, an online course provider in South Africa, approached MO Agency to help them manage their students and provide timely support. 

They were using Excel to track applications, student information, qualifications, and payments. They also developed their learner management system (LMS) for students to access learning content and assessments. 

Our initial task was to set up a HubSpot portal for The Student Hub as they didn't have a CRM system. However, after analysing their needs, the project expanded to a full-stack HubSpot package.

The challenges faced by The Student Hub included:

  • Lack of a CRM system.
  • The need to integrate their custom-built LMS (ERA) with HubSpot using APIs.
  • Setting up and integrating a local payment portal.
  • Recording and documenting sales team calls.
  • Managing support activities through spreadsheets.

The solution involved setting up a full-stack HubSpot portal that used the Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs to address their unique challenges. 

Existing student data, colleges, and campuses were imported into the HubSpot portal. Custom objects were created to capture the necessary qualification data for automatic student qualification. 

HubSpot forms on the website collected applicant data, which was then used to qualify or disqualify applicants based on the custom qualification rules set up within the portal.

API integration was implemented to connect HubSpot with the LMS, ensuring that qualified applicants were automatically registered on the LMS and the respective colleges. 

The call management system used by lecturers and student advisors was integrated with HubSpot, enabling tracking and attribution of all communications to the correct student. 

An online payment portal was integrated with HubSpot and the LMS, allowing students to pay for courses through various payment options.

Automated workflows were set up to nurture students and send payment reminders based on the integrated systems and captured data. This provided personalised and relevant experiences for each student.

All systems and information used by The Student Hub were integrated or replaced with HubSpot, eliminating the need for manual imports and spreadsheets — the result is a streamlined and automated student journey. 

Here’s how Hubspot improved the overall user experience at The Student Hub:

  • Well-structured database for improved contact management and student information. 
  • The entire enrollment process, from application to payment and enrollment, was reduced to just 15 minutes.
  • The automation and workflows resulted in the daily automation of approximately 3,310 manual tasks, freeing up more time for The Student Hub's teams to focus on student support. 
  • The workflows effectively managed and sorted students based on over 285 possible variations in qualification criteria
  • The centralised system provided accurate reports on sales activities, targets, and revenue.

Working with a HubSpot Partner

HubSpot is a powerful tool that can transform businesses' marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. However, setting it up and integrating it can be complex. That's where a HubSpot partner comes in.

A HubSpot partner is an experienced agency or consultant with the expertise to seamlessly implement and optimise HubSpot. They bring valuable insights and tailored strategies to make HubSpot work for your business.

By working with a HubSpot partner, you save time and resources. They handle the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on your core activities. Their ongoing support and training ensure you can fully leverage HubSpot's capabilities.

Partnering with an experienced professional empowers your business to unlock the full potential of HubSpot, drive success, and achieve your marketing, sales, and customer service goals effectively.

Get in touch with us to ensure your HubSpot success.

Final Thoughts

HubSpot has been a game-changer for South Africa businesses, and there’s no doubt that this powerful CRM will launch your business in the right direction. As long as it's implemented properly and your team is using it effectively, HubSpot is one of the best investments that a South African business can make.

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