5 simple ways to get started with inbound marketing

Written by
Adam Meikle

 1. Get certified with a HubSpot Inbound Certification

Getting a HubSpot certification is highly recommended. HubSpot’s Inbound Certification is especially relevant if you want to put the inbound marketing strategy into practice, and want to implement marketing automation and customer relationship management software within your business. It’s also free. Beyond the Inbound Certification, HubSpot offers a whole Academy to their customers to make them inbound marketing experts. The Inbound Certification, in particular, takes you through the basic inner-workings of inbound marketing.

2. Watch webinars and podcasts

One of the best ways to keep yourself informed about the current landscape of inbound marketing is to watch and listen to webinars and podcasts. Industry-specific webinars and podcasts are packed to the brim with quality information, conversations and Q & A sessions often relevant to all things inbound. Again HubSpot is a great resource. Browse the HubSpot YouTube channel; it’s full of great content and uses it a springboard to find other great YouTube inbound vloggers.

3. Read industry-specific blogs and information resources

Subscribe and follow top industry blogs to get the latest information on inbound marketing tactics, general knowledge and learnings. Check out blogs and information resources like HubSpot, Inbound.Org, and our blog.

4. Attend events and conferences to stay up-to-date

Networking in your own location will also help to bring you closer to other like-minded individuals in the inbound marketing space. Exchange information and have conversations with other professionals. One great way to do this is to join your local HubSpot user group. We suggest taking a look at LinkedIn groups for other great events and conferences related to your own industry focuses.

5. Become more active on social media

Stay social across all your social media profiles. Social media is a great place to always learn and discuss your inbound marketing experiences. Join in conversations on industry hashtags and keywords. Engage with your social following and audience. Try reaching out to other experts in the inbound marketing space, follow them and interact. By immersing yourself in the inbound marketing world, you’ll learn more throughout the whole process.

Soon enough by following our simple steps above, you’ll find yourself becoming more of an inbound marketing professional as you put the actual methodology into practice. For more tips, in-depth perspectives and best practices check out our digital marketing blog.


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