Inbound Marketing: Lifecycle marketing? The inbound marketing lead generation solution

Inbound Marketing

Lifecycle marketing? The inbound marketing lead generation solution

By Adam Meikle April 7, 2017 • 4 minutes to read

Like many buzzwords “lifecycle marketing” may have been heard in conversations around your office or in business meetings. This is especially true when you’re searching inbound marketing and lead generation. If you have a brief inkling of what this is all about then you obviously want to know more about how you can reach out to your contacts at different stages of the buying cycle.

Customer acquisition is a tricky proposition especially in the age of inbound marketing. But with lifecycle marketing, things are made much easier and quality lead generation is made a reality via the implementation of marketing automation software like HubSpot.

What is lifecycle marketing? (The inbound marketing solution)

In simple terms, lifecycle marketing is one aspect of your overall marketing strategy for your business. It defines the context of when you will communicate with prospects and established customers. At the same time, it also dictates the “how”.

what is inbound

Lifecycle marketing focuses on the whole customer experience. It deals with the first time of contact until the actual customer acquisition. It’s growth driven design in action! Contact is maintained even after a sale is closed and the customer is continually delighted to keep them coming back for more (customer retention).

Lead nurturing for the customer lifecycle and customer retention

This is lead nurturing where relationships with customers and prospects follow a path of progression, where the relationship changes with the evolution of the buyer’s journey. It involves sending appropriate content and offers to a lead in the right stage of their journey.

Imagine sending an email to a prospect, which was meant for an actual customer? Lifecycle marketing prevents issues like this from happening by tailoring content to the stages of the buyer’s journey. This helps foster quality lead generation.

Email marketing was used an as an example as this it is one of the greatest tools in a digital marketer’s arsenal and is pivotal in lifecycle marketing. Your website can also be used for the purposes of lifecycle marketing, by using of smart content and CTAs (available through marketing automation software such as HubSpot).

Managing contacts made simple (Customer segmentation)

Through lifecycle marketing, inbound marketing strategy and the segmentation of leads becomes much easier. With a CRM like that provided by HubSpot marketing automation, you can separate contacts (leads), segment and send them correct emails when they are a specific stage of the customer lifecycle.

This makes your email marketing more streamlined, refined and tailored to your leads’ needs within your inbound marketing approach.

HubSpot makes assigning lifecycle stages for leads easy

If you go with an inbound marketing automation platform like HubSpot, leads are assigned the default property called “Lifecycle Stage” when added to the HubSpot Contacts Database. The contact lifecycle stage called be altered with the HubSpot Contacts Tool, or if you allow changes to be dictated by criteria in a Smart List that can also affect the property.

HubSpot’s marketing automation software typically offers customer lifecycle stages such as:

  • Subscriber
  • Lead
  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)
  • Opportunity
  • Customer
  • Evangelist

As we said, depending on the rules you create in HubSpot for contacts their lifecycle stages can be changed automatically. So, defining the criteria for your contacts is essential and will make customer segmentation for things like email marketing all the much easier and simpler in the long run.

If you want to dive much deeper into the potential of lifecycle marketing then you should consider partnering with a certified HubSpot partner in South Africa. Certified HubSpot partners have in-depth experience and knowledge in inbound marketing and marketing automation software like HubSpot. Quality lead generation and customer acquisition are just a step away!

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