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Marketing automation consultants in South Africa

Luke Marthinusen | March 29 2019

Marketing Automation is relatively new trend in South Africa

The relatively recent emergence of marketing automation in the digital marketing world is the main reason these skills are not ubiquitous in South Africa just yet. In the USA, the base of marketing automation consultants is significant and like with most things, the technologically driven Americans were early adopters of marketing automation and in fact, by and large, the originators. Our European counterparts are also still building up a solid base of marketing automation consultants.

Two very important considerations

Before we identify the marketing automation consultants in South Africa, there are two important considerations, the marketing platform you choose, and the software that marketing automation consultants are familiar/certified with. Not all marketing automation software is easy to use, and some of the better platforms require a significant time investment to be properly utilised.

Any good marketing automation consultant will have a good knowledge base on marketing automation methodologies, but these are hard to implement without a firm grasp of the marketing platform. Notable markting automation platforms are HubSpot, Pardot (Salesforce Pardot), IBM Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. To boot, things will just take much longer to implement, more hours are unnecessarily billed, and without the proper certifications - a consultant can make a real mess of a marketing automation portal.

Lack of an effective strategy and complex systems are major barriers to marketing automation success. This is why Ascend2 found a third of companies outsourced all or part of their automation strategy.

Who are the consultants and what platforms do they support?

By far the largest base of marketing automation consultants in South Africa are certified in HubSpot marketing automation. Following that there are a number of individuals that are certified in Pardot (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) as a result of working at firms using the product. There are no Marketo or Eloqua certified companies, or individuals in South Africa. IBM Marketing Cloud automation (used by a few of the larger financial institutions) is by and large serviced by IBM themselves. As far as SharpSpring (an entry level automation platform) is concerned, there are a number of marketing agencies using it.

The current marketing automation consultants in South Africa are:

  • MO Agency
  • MPull
  • Spitfire Inbound
  • UKU Inbound
  • League Digital


MO Agency

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Spitfire Inbound


UKU Inbound

League Digital


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