7 Ways to Spot an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Written by
Lucille Moreton

Spot the inbound marketing campaign

Inbound marketing campaigns can be identified by checking to see if they follow these characteristics: 

1. Everything is online, but it's all about helping real people solve real problems. 

Inbound marketing lives in the digital sphere, but everything is driven by helping people overcome their pain points. While an inbound marketing campaign lives on a website and relies on social media channels, landing pages and content marketing to work, nothing will happen without real people on both ends: marketers who set up the campaign, and people who find your content interesting and helpful. 

2. There are SMART goals

All inbound campaigns start, and end, with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals. 

3. It's all about the buyer personas

Behind every inbound marketing campaign is a company who has defined their buyer personas. Setting your buyer personas is the critical first step in your inbound marketing campaign strategy. Without knowing your buyer personas you can create great content, set up a well-structured campaign, but attract the wrong people entirely. Everything you do in inbound marketing is about your buyer personas. 

4. There is great content 

Inbound marketing campaigns offer helpful, relevant content to help buyer personas solve their pain points. An inbound marketing campaign focuses on being informative and helpful before trying to sell anything. 

5. Lead information is captured 

The goal of great content isn't only to help, but also to capture lead information. If an asset is gated behind a form and a landing page, you're probably looking at an inbound marketing campaign. 

6. Leads are nurtured

Inbound marketing campaigns capture lead information and then nurture them, getting them ready to be contacted by the sales team. Marketers do more lead nurturing before anything is passed on to the sales person, which shortens the sales cycle and delivers hot leads to the sales team. 

7. Both marketing and sales team are working together

Although they're called Inbound Marketing campaigns, you'll often find that both the marketing and sales team has had a hand in the creation and strategising of the campaign.

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Cover Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash 

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