3 Advantages of Email Marketing with HubSpot

Written by
Adam Meikle

So, what exactly are the advantages of integrating HubSpot with your email marketing efforts? Let us show you below!

1. Design and create branded emails without designers by using HubSpot

With HubSpot, you can rapidly put together email marketing campaigns and content that looks both professional, on-brand and is responsive across mobile and desktop devices. The entire campaign can be designed by you and you alone, without the need for a graphic designer or IT expert to be on-hand.

The HubSpot platform makes email marketing exceptionally easy using drag and drop functionality to create emails. You can easily create visually stunning and reusable email templates in HubSpot’s intuitive email editor, which makes designing a marketing email a user-friendly experience. You no longer have to worry about formatting issues when sending out your email marketing correspondence to already existing customers and potential leads already in your sales pipeline.

The true beauty of HubSpot’s approach to email marketing is that you are spared from wasting time on guesswork when it comes to email creation. As you can choose from a range of already existing email templates within the HubSpot marketplace, you can customise templates to match your brand guidelines and marketing SMART goals.

2. HubSpot helps you make your emails more personalised resulting in more opens and higher click-through rates

The customisability that HubSpot offers when creating emails means that more of your emails and links will be clicked and opened. This is because you are able to tailor content in each email to each subscriber within your contacts database.

HubSpot’s contact database shows you a subscriber’s lifecycle stage, their memberships and any other pertinent information contained in their contact record. With this information in hand, you can send subscribers the most relevant subject lines, tailor content to their pain points and provide them with attachments, links and calls-to-action that they can engage with.

With all of HubSpot’s capabilities, you can schedule your email marketing campaigns instantly and press the send button with the knowledge that your emails will be sent to subscribers at the correct time. For HubSpot, time zones don’t matter at all!

3. With HubSpot, your email marketing campaigns are optimisable using A/B testing and analytics

Another great aspect of HubSpot in terms of email marketing is that you are able to A/B test your email efforts and view measurable results via detailed analytics. This allows you to fully maximise the impact of your email marketing efforts.

A/B testing, or split-testing as it is commonly known, can be used for assessing the impact of email subject lines, all content within your emails, and seeing which CTA receives the most engagement, and actually track the return on marketing spend in relation to closed sales.

HubSpot allows you to dig even deeper into the data if you wish. You can see who is engaging with your emails, at what time, using what device, as well as their browsing history and journey through your whole website. With these valuable insights, you can make educated adjustments to your email marketing campaigns and improve your conversion rate dramatically, ultimately resulting in more customers for your business.

There are many reasons to take on HubSpot to bolster your own email marketing strategy. We’ve only listed a couple of benefits. For more information, you can always drop us an email.

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