Inbound Marketing: 4 ways to nurture and engage leads through inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

4 ways to nurture and engage leads through inbound marketing

By Matthew Nortje August 19, 2019 • 5 minutes to read

"Information is the most valuable commodity". This is especially true when it comes to Inbound Marketing and nurturing your leads in way that builds trust, positions you as a thought leader, and most importantly; adds value!

Below are 4 key ways to nurture and engage your leads to build effective and meaning relationships.

1. Content marketing

Content is indeed king, and it's the cornerstone of any successful inbound marketing campaign. Beautifully designed and well written content does so much more than just arm your sales team with a bunch of collateral to sell with. Well produced and informative content shows the world that you care about a lot more than just selling. You care about adding value!

When it comes to lead nurturing, providing specific target groups and personas with tailored content not only shows your potential customer that you are knowledgeable, but it helps create a scenario where they feel like you really understand them. 

Content needs to form part of an overall Inbound Marketing campaign. Put time and effort into creating your content because it is this, that will initially attract your potential customer, and once they have taken the bait, you can then slowly provide them with additional content that is specific to them and their needs which builds trust and a proper foundation to sell on. 

2. Email marketing

The use of email marketing to nurture leads is the most direct and effective way in getting the content to specific leads. Emails build relationships with customers and help with customer retention, as they are continuously engaging with your content.

Nurturing email campaigns create a trickle down effect of constant, engaging content to your potential customers, helping to keep you top of mind in the consideration stage of their buyers journey.

Don't underestimate these types of campaigns. There's still plenty of people who will go through their emails. The key is to make sure you're providing content that is valuable and informative. Remember, chances are that these people have opted into giving you their contact details because you originally provided them with a piece of content that they believed was worth it. So don't stop there, keep sending them relevant content and you will see much higher engagement rates.

3. Social media

Social media is your voice in this digital world. Social media allows you to communicate with your potential customers and nurture them publicly in a way that attracts them to your overall strategy.  

For lead nurturing to be effective, it should be targeted and consistent, using various channels in engaging with customers such as social media, which has become part of people’s lives. Social media can be used to support the distribution of content in creating awareness. To nurture leads and engage with customers through social media you would need to:

  • Include a widget in the lead nurturing email
  • Add social CTA's to thank you pages
  • Share content

4. Remarketing

In running a remarketing campaign, you capture the interest of  prospective customers and nurture them.  In planning your remarketing strategy for lead generation, these are the potential customers you would capture and retain:

  • Website visitors
  • Website visitors that didn’t convert
  • Campaign landing page visitors who didn’t convert

One thing to remember when running remarketing campaigns is that you shouldn’t exhaust your audience with the same ad. Rather, you should rotate new ads.

Remarketing keeps your content and brand top of mind with your potential customer as your ads automatically get displayed on whatever platform their viewing. Remarketing is arguably the most effective form of targeting there is because of this.


There are various techniques used to nurture leads for customer retention and engagement, on platforms such as social media and marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot.  In consistently and continuously engaging with customers through digital marketing, it is important to plan your content, email strategy and how the content will be published to attract, convert and retain leads.

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