Inbound Marketing: 4 ways to nurture and engage leads through inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

4 ways to nurture and engage leads through inbound marketing

By Otsile Malebaco April 13, 2017 • 3 minutes to read

One of the most important factors in inbound marketing is lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is to continuously and consistently engage with potential buyers during the course of the buyer’s journey through market automation platforms such as HubSpot. To effectively develop and nurture customer relationship, see the top 4 ways to engage and nurture customers through lead nurturing:

1. Content marketing

Content is the foundation for lead generation, lead managment and lead conversion. Content marketing is the promotion of content to attract, convert and nurture leads. This includes promoting content such as blogs, podcasts, videos and infographics. These will assist to move the potential customers through the buyer's funnel.

In developing a content marketing strategy, it is important that the following are defined:

  • Goals: The marketing plan goals need to be clearly defined.
  • Persona: In targeting the content, it’s important to develop a persona through research. This will help in knowing your audience.
  • Content: This includes the type of content to write and the offers for your audience such as blogs, video, podcasts, infographics and resources.
  • Publish and manage content: Identify and use channels that would drive the goals, such as websites, inbound marketing platforms and microsites.

2. Email marketing

The use of emails to nurture leads is the most direct and effective way in getting the content to specific leads. Emails build relationships with customers and help with customer retention, as they are continuously engaging with the content such as email workflows through marketing automation. Segmenting emails for customers has a high ROI as the content is designed for the customers based on their geography, gender, persona, profession or industry, etc.

3. Social media

For lead nurturing to be effective, it should be targeted and consistent, using various channels in engaging with customers such as social media, which has become part of people’s lives. Social media can be used to support the distribution of content in creating awareness. To nurture leads and engage with customers through social media you would need to:

  • Include a widget in the lead nurturing email
  • Add social CTAs to thank you pages
  • Share content

4. Remarketing

In running a remarketing campaign, you capture the interest of  prospective customers and nurture them.  In planning your remarketing strategy for lead generation, these are the potential customers you would capture and retain:

  • Website visitors
  • Website visitors that didn’t convert
  • Campaign landing page visitors who didn’t convert

One thing to remember when running remarketing campaigns is that you shouldn’t exhaust your audience with the same ad. Rather, you should rotate new ads.

There are various techniques used to nurture leads for customer retention and engagement, on platforms such as social media and marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot.  In consistently and continuously engaging with customers through digital marketing, it is important to plan your content, email strategy and how the content will be published to attract, convert and retain leads.

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