The Best HubSpot Features for Businesses (2023)

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Neal Venter

HubSpot has quickly become one of the world's leading CRMs alongside others such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, and But, what makes Hubspot such a great CRM compared to all the other systems?

Businesses all over the world have been scrambling to integrate CRMs into their networks with some of the most notable global companies being Amazon, Apple, and Adidas.

But you don't need to have a multi-million dollar international company to use a CRM. HubSpot is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Amongst a whole host of features, one stands out above all that sets HubSpot apart from its competition.

HubSpot is free!

The biggest benefit of using HubSpot is that it can be used for free. It's one of the only fully functional CRMs that can be used free of charge: no free trials and no demo accounts.

This allows your business to integrate the HubSpot platform (including the HubSpot mobile app) and get it up and running without having to pay any expensive running costs. Some of the features might be limited for bigger businesses, but if you have a small business the free version of Hubspot works perfectly fine for marketing and sales teams.

HubSpot grows with your business

The beauty of HubSpot's free CRM is that it is split into three main branches: the Sales Hub, the Marketing Hub, and the Service Hub. You can choose which of these Hubs you want to upgrade to a paid version to unlock more features.

For instance, if your business needs to unlock some features in the Sales Hub, but you're happy with the features on offer in the Marketing and Service Hub, you can choose to upgrade just one branch.

This flexibility allows you to grow your HubSpot account as your business grows. There's no need to commit to paying for features that you don't need or won't use.


Automation is another excellent feature that HubSpot offers. With the ability to automate basic daily tasks, email marketing, and social media, your team members have more time to focus on the tasks that matter most. 

Your business will experience even more efficiency and a more streamlined workflow through the automation that HubSpot offers.

A multitude of integrations

HubSpot can integrate with over 500 third-party apps, more than any other CRM on the market. From Zoom to Slack and even Google Docs, your team can seamlessly access a world of third-party apps through HubSpot's CRM.

There are plenty of great integrations to consider, including powerful tools for your customer service team, cutting-edge marketing software, tools that will supercharge your sales process, software to aid with marketing outreach, and much more.


HubSpot has dashboards for everything. From your financials to your marketing analytics. This allows you to get a quick overview of your entire business right from the home screen of your CRM.

For example, on HubSpot's Marketing Hub, rather than switching between all of your social media channels and comparing them, HubSpot will do all of that for your marketing team. You can analyse your marketing data from one screen without wasting time switching between accounts and platforms.

These dashboards can help you track all CRM data, including how your marketing tools, social media channels, landing pages, blog posts, ad tracking, and other campaigns blend together to help your business grow and progress.

Detailed contact lists

HubSpot's CRM can build up a comprehensive contact list of anyone who shows an interest in your business' website, landing pages, or social media platforms. This is ideal for inbound marketing, which is something that HubSpot specialises in.

With your list of contacts built up, HubSpot will continue to add customer data for each contact as it receives more information. From birthdays to job titles, you can build up a detailed profile of each of your customers giving your sales team a key advantage.

The advantage of having this detailed contact list is that your marketing and sales team can segment your list of contacts and send them targeted marketing campaigns with the Marketing Hub. This makes HubSpot ideal for incredibly effective email marketing strategies.

Integrating HubSpot with your business

Integration is one of the most crucial factors when taking a CRM onboard. HubSpot is a simple and easy-to-use CRM, but it's still a good idea to rope in a HubSpot CRM specialist agency for the initial setup and template development and then build it in-house with content. 

Make sure to reach out to a HubSpot expert at MO Agency to get your CRM up and running as soon as possible!


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