Is HubSpot CRM a good CRM?

Written by
Luke Marthinusen

The truth is I don't really get asked this question too much anymore. HubSpot CRM has permeated the market and there are loads of successful cases where HubSpot CRM has been implemented and works great.

If this article is too HubSpot specific and you want a general overview of CRM - check out this article - What CRM should I choose in South Africa?

Here are the top features we love in HubSpot CRM:

  1. A fully functional CRM for free
  2. Using free versions of Sales Hub, integration of Gmail and Outlook calendars and email
  3. Customisable contact properties, deal stages, pipeline and opportunity tracking
  4. Tasks
  5. Website chat and bots
  6. Email tracking
  7. Reporting
  8. Meeting scheduling link per user

Core features you need in a CRM:

What core features are needed in a CRM system? Let's see if HubSpot CRM ticks the boxes:

  1. Email integration: Track and automatically log email communications in the CRM - YES
  2. Calendar integration: Track meetings and automatically log it to the CRM (Gmail & Outlook/Office 365) - YES
  3. Dashboards & Reporting: Customisable dashboards and easy reporting - YES
  4. Opportunity & Pipeline Management: Team and individual pipelines - ONLY ONE PIPELINE
  5. Task management: Create, manage and share tasks - YES
  6. Contact property customisation: Configure lead types, industries, geographies, etc. - YES
  7. Sale process customisation: Configure deal stages - YES
  8. Mobile capabilities: Mobile App - YES
  9. Ease of use: Clean & uncomplicated user interface - DOUBLE YES
  10. Value for money: Pricing suited to the South African market - DOUBLE YES

We're fans. We use HubSpot CRM. It's changed our business for the better, and we can introduce you to countless HubSpot CRM clients that feel the same way.

Interested in moving over to HubSpot CRM? Wondering if it's potentially the right CRM for you?

Give us a call, we'd love to help you make an informed decision. Contact us now.

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