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Learn about best practice, strategies, and how our clients have achieved success through HubSpot.

Our HubSpot case studies are broken down into an easy to digest format, including the brief, challenge, goals, solution, impact, and results.

These HubSpot case studies here include HubSpot Marketing, Sales, CRM, Service, CMS and HubSpot integration projects. A number of them are HubSpot Impact Award winners.

Case Study

EasyETFs: An Inbound ETF Comparison Website for EasyEquities

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EasyEquities is South Africa's most used low-cost investment platform. We built the EasyEquities main website in HubSpot CMS, so the team at EasyEquities approached us to promote a new offering. The brief: To enable customers and potential customers to investigate and compare different exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The Brief EasyEquities needed a unique platform to display live fund information on their new exchange-traded funds (ETFs) investment offering. A number of exiting
Case Study

Greenpeace: Generating new donors to help the environment

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Overview MO Agency worked with Greenpeace, an independent environmental campaigning organisation, to help them generate awareness of their environmental efforts and attract new donors. This is how working with MO Agency transformed Greenpeace’s marketing strategy and boosted their campaign results. Challenge For Greenpeace to make the most environmental impact, they rely on monthly donors. They came to MO Agency for help building a comprehensive marketing strategy that would expand their audience, reach, and generate donors. Analysing their existing efforts, we

Using HubSpot Sales Tools to Convert Leads into Revenue

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Probably the biggest challenge for a salesperson is hitting the monthly targets. When you are faced with an unstable financial year for the majority of the business sectors - the thought of selling marketing services to companies who are going through major budget cuts & even retrenchments seems impossible. With the right tools and planning in place, you won't just hit your numbers, but exceed them. ''As Head of Business Development - its critical to maintain the relationships I have built with customers to try and nurture them to create a long lasting partnership.
Case Study

EasyEquities: Trump it Up HubSpot Campaign - How to Generate 1100 leads in 14 days

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Some of the most enticing projects for our team of developers are those that involve using technologies and platforms in new, and often, unconventional ways. The challenge of taking a software in a new direction is one they simply can’t resist. And, when you have a client whose brand is playful, and just a little cheeky, like EasyEquities, those challenges are never far away. Campaign goal The goal of the #TrumpItUp campaign was to grow interest in Investing in US stocks and instruments. To achieve this, we turned to the power of the community! Every time an
Case Study

Rothschild HubSpot email template

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The intro module is a rich text module. It has a block of text that can be edited by selecting, deleting and adding text. The module already includes the personalization token for firstname (defaults to 'Traveler' if no first name is present). The company owners signature has been inserted as an image into the intro section
Case Study

GT247 Hubspot CMS website

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The Home Page On any brochureware website, the homepage has to make an immediate impact, and calls to action (CTA) need to be prominent The content has to be informative without being overwhelming. To achieve this, MO made use of animated GIFs of the trading platform to show the user exactly what they’d be signing up for. This is supported by simple, bite sized pieces of text with easily identifiable icons. Armed with all the information required, prominent calls to action allow the user to sign up for the new trading platform.
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