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Why your social videos need closed captioning
 There's a huge debate surrounding the use of sound on social videos. You might’ve heard the research that shows ...


Trends in video: Virtual Reality
 The VR industry has seen a huge increase in users since 2014, which was said to have had about 200 thousand active ...


Trends in Video: 360° content
1. 360° Video Streaming Since 2017, Facebook has allowed its users to produce and share their own 360° videos. With the ...

Brand Strategy

The user-friendly style guide
Here are 4 tips for an easy-to-understand style guide 1. Keep it simple Developers, designers, and social media content ...

Digital Marketing

7 Tips to keep you ahead of AI as a creative
So how can you stay ahead of the game? Here are some tips and tricks that could keep you ahead of the curve.

Digital Marketing

7 mistakes you're making on your journey as a job-hunting creative
So before you update that résumé or jump into that job interview, take a few minutes to review some tips and tricks so ...
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