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Brand Strategy

The user-friendly style guide
Here are 4 tips for an easy-to-understand style guide 1. Keep it simple Developers, designers, and social media content ...

Brand Strategy

Want to learn Graphic Design? 5 tips for beginners
We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips to ensure your designs don’t look like something created in MS Paint.

Brand Strategy

Using digital communication for your company's CI (Corporate Identity)
Digital communication is no longer optional in the business world - it’s mandatory, and you can use it as a valuable ...

Brand Strategy

10 steps to writing an effective creative brief
If you aren’t a well seasoned chef though, the more pictures and how-to tips provided, the easier the process. Think of ...

Brand Strategy

Should designers know how to code?
You don’t have to look very hard to find articles stating that designers should or shouldn’t know how to code, so let’s ...

Brand Strategy

How to become a better graphic designer at a digital agency
When starting out, you might ask yourself: “What are the benefits of working at a digital agency, compared to ...
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