What on Earth was I Doing Before Inbound Marketing?

Written by
Gary Wright

Disruption Inbound: Never Disrupt your prospects!

Message from the future (the last section of this blog, actually):

"The real goal here is of course, measurable profitability..."

The market is saturated with brands shoving themselves in front of their competition & market with ‘pushy’ advertising.

It's pushy because it's centered on the features and benefits of their offer, which are obviously, ‘the best, bespoke solutions around’ - and because the ad's relentlessly tell you that choosing brand ‘Ex’ (see what I did there?) gives you so much more.

But at the end of the day – it was an ad for cement with the same specifications as the rest. Right.

The alternative

Instead - what if we go a smart step further and ask ourselves, “What will my market actually benefit from in that small amount of time I have to grab their attention?” Perhaps you could help them out by alerting them to a video series about how to get the perfect cement mixing ratios, or how to 'texturize' a surface for more style? That might actually get some social traction…

This is Inbound Marketing, Man

I picked cement because - if something as boring as that can use Inbound Marketing effectively, imagine what a brand offering a more ‘considered purchase’ like one in the finance or technology space could do?

For the record - it’s even more important for brands like those to build relationships with customers in ways that resonate and instill faith.


The Inbound Difference

The beauty of Inbound Marketing, using HubSpot, is that resonant, helpful content is just the beginning. The actual goal here is measurable profitability - like through gaining more sales-qualified leads and conversions.

We use smart content to capture relevant people’s data so they can be nurtured effectively.

The nurturing process is automated enough to save you tons of time, yet cleverly designed for humans, in a way that, unlike generic mailers, actually works. Over and over again.

How is your brand building relationships with prospects?


Are you tracking and optimising every step of the way?



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