Brace yourself – your Facebook page like count is about to drop

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Facebook is planning to delete all the inactive accounts, which means that the Likes on your Page might drop a bit. What does Facebook see as ‘inactive’ accounts? This refers to accounts that have been manually deactivated or accounts that haven’t been activated for quite some time.

How many Likes are you about to lose? We have no idea, but Facebook announced that pages should expect a “small dip” in the number of Page Likes.

Remember that even though your Page Likes are dropping, the profiles that Facebook will be removing are people who are  inactive. They therefore don’t benefit your Page as they don’t see any of your updates and they don’t participate in any  conversations that are taking place on your Page.

Facebook also stated that in future, if an account is deactivated, that specific Like will be removed from your Page. However, the moment the profile is reactivated, the Like will be added to your Page once again.

If you are managing a few Facebook Pages for clients, remember to tell them what is about to happen with their Facebook page!

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