My Journey to Understanding Motion Graphics

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All of this seemed like deciphering hieroglyphics or comprehending alien dialects but as I went through this step-by-step I began to grasp the fundamentals and one thing led to another until I went in-depth with animation and syncing audio. The learning task was made all the more difficult because at the same time I was performing my daily tasks as a graphic designer - so this was on the job training in actuality which was clouded with countless errors and persistent failures that demoralized me and tormented me in my sleep. As smashed as I was I found myself falling in love with After Effects, the transitions, key frames, text effects etc. I learnt in 3 weeks what others conjure up in years and that made me realise that what if I give myself a year? Perhaps two years to perfect this craft, I would create legendary stuff! My name is Abram Tshivhinda and I do Motion Graphics. Have a look at

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