HubSpot: The state of marketing in Africa: interview with an expert


The state of marketing in Africa: interview with an expert

By Lucille Moreton April 3, 2019 • 1 minutes to read

When Prateek Sharma visited the MO Agency offices, we got the chance to dit down with him and get his opinion about the massive potential of marketing and sales in Africa. Considering that economies in African countries are set to grow at a 4% rate in the next few years, investment in the region is growing.

With investment comes business growth, and with business growth, the need for strategic marketing and sales becomes paramount. However, doing business in developing nations is very different. Companies are challenged by low adoption rates and, sometimes, inadequate infrastructure.

Sales Enablement through CRM

With his experience as the head of the MEA region, Prateek offers his insight into unique challenges in the African Market, and answers questions about the state of sales and marketing in Africa, such as:

  1. Why is the adoption rate lower in African markets?
  2. Are there unique challenges faced in the African market?
  3. What is the perception of Africa being "2 years behind" in innovation?

Watch the full video below, or click here if you're having trouble playing it.