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Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn
We are at a stage where most people jump onto the LinkedIn bandwagon just to ignore the platform. Yes, they will log in ...

Digital Marketing

How to create your own Twitter profile
Step 1: Visit 

Digital Marketing

To Hashtag or Not To Hashtag
The # symbol, known as a hashtag, is used on social media platforms to mark keywords or topics in a status update.

Digital Marketing

How to create a Facebook page in 5 easy steps
Step 1: Tell Facebook you want to create a page On your homepage you will see the ‘Pages’ section on your left. Go to ...

Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing

You can now retweet with comments
This new feature allows you to share other people’s content AND add your own comment before posting it without wasting ...

Digital Marketing

Why your business needs a Facebook page
In 2015 there are still companies who don’t have a Facebook page OR they have one, but they’re not active on Facebook. ...

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